From the Head of the Preparatory School

From the Head of the Preparatory School

It has been a busy week at the Preparatory School as we have begun the home stretch and attempt to fit a range of important events in to the remaining days.

PYP Exhibition

On Monday evening we celebrated the PYP Exhibition with our Year 6 learners and the School community. Quite simply, it was an extraordinary event! It is always difficult to compare given the unique nature each year’s Exhibition takes, however, I have to say that this is in one of the top three I have ever been part of, and this was my 19th. The quality and depth of the students’ understanding and expertise was sophisticated, passionate and compelling. It was difficult to walk away not being struck by the huge growth and maturity that the students have experienced not only over the last 8 weeks, but for many of them over 8 years since they joined Pre-K. Congratulations Year 6 on a superb Exhibition and leaving a mark on the Prep community! My sincere thanks go to Ms Janes, Mr Short, Mr Gannon, Mrs Evans and the entire team of mentors and supporters that helped the students through this great learning experience.

The clock keeps ticking
But no ones winning
How bout, we run this race, together

We bark and protest what is wrong and what is right
We surrender and fight for what’s in our sight

Each of us flag-wave our thoughts
Sometimes they’re lowered
But sometime they’re raised higher

A collage,
Colours of miss and match,
Built through dark and light.
Where we are in place and time.
Like an splash of colour
Each drop adds on to the painting

Some say it’s red
“It’s green”
“ No it’s blue”

But not every opinion can be true
Each part says something new
Each track shows a different story

But we have to share the glory
To make sure that every possibility is put through
So this world can cope and continue to grow hope

So take a right but never a wrong
Sometimes our best suggestion, is to just ask the question
And make sure we keep getting along

The clock keeps ticking
But no ones winning
How bout, we run this race together

Diversity, a good thing

Never judge by appearance.
It takes perseverance
To accept

Trade explodes
and people mix
each land contains the essence of another
as the globe continues to grow

Or is it shrinking?

Our world full of colour,
Bleeding to black
a Grey Universe,
taking hold when
Responsibility is met with hostility when sustainability is a possibility

Some strive to improve and help
Whilst others stand firm against them
Or just different views

The clock keeps ticking
But no ones winning
How bout, we run this race together

Positions demand strength,
The hammer lands,
Tears flow,
Some won’t understand truth,
And they lead the world that way.
Wars between right and right,
Though, one is less correct.

We stare at a light in our hands endlessly as our brightness has lost its glow.
Vines will tangle,
Never letting go.
In a world where we’ve made popularity the key, what is the lock?
Fed with assumptions creating a shell,
That encases our truth.

But if we are wise
then we will know
That we can stand up,
We can rise

The clock keeps ticking
But no ones winning
How bout, we run this race together

Where are we?
In Place and time
(and this rhyme?)
Haha! what a line
Years and years of pride in time
I wish selfishness didn’t exist
(Hey I wrote that line!)
(He lied)
(cos always needs to shine)
The potential
The power
that he holds, she holds, we hold
So we can make history not HIS story or HIS story,
but OUR story
Moving forward so fast that the past is catching up
Moving forward so fast that we can’t keep up

So as we race through history,
let’s run this race together

Year 6 Events

The PYP Exhibition was the first of a number of significant events for Year 6 as their time at the Prep School wraps up. On Thursday evening the parents hosted the Year 6 Graduation Dinner at Aqua Luna. It was a lovely evening where many memories were shared of the boys’ (and parents’) time at the Prep School. The cohort, including their parents will be missed!

Next Wednesday 30th November Year 6 will have their Valedictory Service in the Gym followed by the Farewell Luncheon hosted by Year 5.

Parent ‘Thank You’ Afternoon Tea

On Tuesday afternoon we held a Parent ‘thank you’ afternoon tea to acknowledge the significant support and partnership we have benefited from this year. I commented to those in attendance that the involvement of parents is one of the unique and special things about a primary school. It helps to develop partnership and is an integral part of a flourishing learning community. For those that weren’t able to make the afternoon tea, ‘thank you’. Regardless of what your contribution was, we have appreciated it!

The Alphabet of Christmas – Pre-K performance

On Wednesday the Pre-K boys took to the stage for their annual Christmas performance. It was once again a tremendous success. The boys were brilliant, remembering numerous songs and delivering their lines on cue. The costumes were outstanding and I am sure there were some very proud parents in the audience. Congratulations to the boys on a wonderful performance that reflected their great learning and growth throughout the year, and well done to all of the Pre-Kindergarten staff on their efforts in pulling it together.

Combined Year 6 Basketball, Cricket and Touch Football Games against Year 7

On Wednesday afternoon the Combined Year 6 Basketball and Cricket teams played against the Middle School Under 12 teams. It was a fantastic afternoon that featured a very exciting end to the Basketball game resulting in a draw, and a respectable loss in the Cricket. It is always great to see the healthy rivalry and strong sense of comradery that exists between the Year 6 and 7 boys.

Orientation Day

Today’s Orientation Day was a great occasion as we welcomed most of the 106 (49 from Kindergarten to Year 6) new boys and our new teachers. There was a really positive buzz, as together, with our existing boys, they began to develop the class-based relationships that will form the basis of much of the learning that will take place in 2023. Particular welcome to our new teachers; Mr Park (Pre-K), Ms Orfanos (Pre-K), Mr Paul (Year 1) and Mrs Campbell (Year 1). It is exciting to welcome our new staff who all bring a wealth of expertise and varied experiences that will enhance our learning community.

Staffing Changes

It was remiss of me to miss a couple of staffing changes in my announcement last week. We are also sad to farewell Mrs Holly Caddy who is moving to Leppington Anglican School next year as a foundation staff member. We have benefited from Mrs Caddy’s passion for teaching for the last decade. Next year we will also be joined by Ms Lauren Brotherton in the PE Department as well as assuming responsibility in other areas across the School.

Christmas Service

On Monday 28th November at 6:00pm, this year’s Christmas Service will be held outdoors at the Prep School, taking advantage of the beautiful backdrop of the Llandilo Building. The Christmas Service will be a contemporary service that celebrates the good news of Jesus’ birth as well as being an opportunity to meet together as a community. The Trinity Singers and the grade choirs will lead our worship throughout the service. There will also be a highly engaging drama. We hope to see many of you on the evening as we celebrate the year together, bring in the festive season and remember God’s gift to the world.

End of Year Events

A Year 3-6 Awards Assembly is being held at the Prep School on Monday 28th November. During this Assembly all summer and winter sports awards will be presented as well as additional class awards and co-curricular awards that are not a part of the Annual Prize Giving (on Friday 2nd December) programme. Parents are welcome to attend the Assembly, which will begin at 8:45am.

On Wednesday 30th November, we will be holding the Year 6 Valedictory Service which will begin shortly after 8:30am and will be held in the Prep School Gym. Year 6 parents are encouraged to join us for this event which will be followed by a morning tea. Later in the day Year 5 will join Year 6 for their Farewell Luncheon.

On Thursday 1st December, the boys in Years 3-6 will attend their Picnic Day. Years 3 and 4 will have their picnic at Peter Depena Reserve and Years 5 and 6 will have their picnic at Carss Park.

Preparatory School Annual Prize Giving – taking place at Town Hall (text updated 9pm, Friday Nov 25)

On Friday 2nd December we will be holding the Preparatory School Annual Prize Giving for all boys in Years 3-6 which will begin at 11:30am at Sydney Town Hall. We have reverted to Plan A thanks to the cancellation industrial action planned to Sydney’s train network on that day. This event is compulsory for all boys in Years 3-6. Students and families to make their own way to and from the event.

Beginning of Year Details

The first official day of 2023 is Wednesday 1st February for boys in Kindergarten to Year 6. Pre-Kindergarten have a staggered start on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd February. Further information about this will be communicated via the School Office.

New School communication platform in 2023

From the start of next year, the School will be utilising a new portal, known as InSite, to facilitate communication within the extended Trinity community. The content that has previously been communicated through the Bulletin will be published on the InSite platform. It will mix long form articles with notices and updates; our intent is to unclog email inboxes and make information and news easier and faster to find. You can read more and watch a quick video introduction to InSite here.

Appreciation and Happy Holidays

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all boys for their contributions to a great year in 2022. I have been impressed with the manner in which the boys have conducted themselves and represented the School. I am very proud of each and every one of them. Our teachers and support staff also deserve special praise and thanks. The boys’ interests are always foremost in their minds. We are blessed with an outstanding team at Prep!

I trust that everyone will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday period. May God watch over and protect all families and bring everyone back safely for another great year in 2023.

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School

“She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21

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