TGSACU News: Marching and Packing for Bivouac

TGSACU News: Marching and Packing for Bivouac

TGSACU – Marching and Packing for Bivouac

With the sun shining after a dramatic hailstorm on Wednesday afternoon, the Cadet Unit converged on No. 1 Oval for our weekly parade, clearly focussed on two things – drill and preparation for our upcoming Recruit Bivouac.

Following the established training programme, Alpha and Bravo Companies kept warm in the surprisingly chilly afternoon with drill lessons led by their Sergeants. Our newly promoted Sergeants did very well with this instruction firstly in platoons, then with some Company drill.

In the classrooms, Recruit Cadets were instructed by their Corporals on topics that included fitting, wearing and packing of field equipment, hygiene in the field, and how to prepare and consume rations from their issued Ration Packs.

The Cadet Leadership Team have stepped into their roles with apparent ease, planning and directing the activities of the Unit each week with clearly communicated goals and instructions.

We are looking forward to our Bivouac to round off a great start to our new training year.

CAPT (AAC) Susan Draysey | Officer Commanding – TGSACU

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