Tennis Round vs Waverley

Tennis Round vs Waverley

Last Saturday marked the fourth round of the CAS Summer Tennis Season, where we faced Waverley College. The 1st IV came away with 6 sets to 2 win while the 2nd IV narrowly lost 3 sets to 5.

This match was an eagerly anticipated one by us as we were all determined to show what we were made of after the previous round. However, the start of the fixture was an unusual one to say the least. Our number one player Finn Taylor (11La) actually arrived at the wrong venue, thinking it was an away match! Things did not look good from that moment, but it was our innately human quality to adapt which saved the day. Finn’s late arrival to the fixture meant that Mitchell Reid-Queeney (11Ar) had to play his singles first without playing his doubles. I was proud of his quick ability to face the unknown, where he gave his volatile, aggressive opponent a comprehensive smack-down with a 6-1 win. James Kim (12Ar) and Angelo Shi (11Sc) were able to prevail in a dominant fashion, winning their doubles 6-1 6-3 against their hapless opponents. When Finn arrived, he combined well with Mitch, winning one of their doubles sets after a slow start. James was able to play an aggressive game against his skilful opponent, winning 6-1, while Angelo followed suit, winning 6-2. The match of the day had to go to Finn. Despite coming just slightly short of a victory, he must be commended for his nerves of steel. He was able to stave off two match points by hitting breathtaking winners.

It was a close loss for the 2nd IV. Special mention goes to James Chan (11La) for being the only one to win a singles match, while filling in for a sick player. I could clearly see that his dominant forehand and blistering serves were able to make his opponent look like a mere novice. Dominic Furfaro (11Ar) and Nathan Tsang (10Du) were able to blast their opponents off in their doubles, winning 6-0 6-2. Unfortunately, they had very close defeats in the singles. I have full confidence that the resolute 2nd IV team will come back with a vengeance in the next round.

James Kim (12Ar) | Captain of Tennis

3rd and 4th Report

As a result of injury and sickness, the 3rds were represented by three debutants when we took on Waverley College last Saturday. While the new team tried to rise to the challenge, only Alex Nero (10 Ta), rapidly developing a reputation as a human backboard, was able to win his singles at No.3. Nonetheless, the experience would have been invaluable, and both Kavi Suri (10 Yo) and Charles Allison (10 St) are to be commended on making their singles matches close affairs.

It was quite a different story for the 4ths. Here the debutants achieved precisely what they would have hoped for. All four boys – Marcus Lorenzato (11 Fo), Keegan Van (10 St), Stefano Furlan (10 Du) and Jack O’Shea (10 He) – won their doubles matches handsomely. While Jack couldn’t quite maintain his form in the singles, Marcus denied his opponent any games in his singles at No.1, and Keegan and Stefano were almost as miserly with 6-1 triumphs. The boys used their first serves and ground strokes to good effect, and what they must now keep working on is a more effective second delivery, especially if they are called upon to play at this level again.

Ashley Lucas | Coach

5th and 6th Report

It was great to see a new wave of Trinity tennis players represent the school in the 4th round against Waverley last Saturday. Clark Foley (11Fo), Nicholas Musumeci (10Ke), Jatan Singh (10Mu), Elie Charbel (10Du) and Matt De Domenicis (11Fo) stepped up to compete and I’d like to congratulate them on their efforts. Once again, there were mixed results but the 5ths did come away with a comfortable win. Lucas Blum (10Ar) and Oliver Dawson (11W-J) teamed up and enjoyed a tight match characterised by powerful ground strokes, speedy court coverage and impressive ball placement. Bryan Yu (10Ta) and Clark Foley (11Fo) both served well and enjoyed a well-deserved win in their doubles match. Lucas, Bryan and Clark all went on to dominate in the singles and special mention to Lucas on his consistency, great shot selection and second consecutive Singles’ win. Bryan’s heavy forehand winners were unplayable and he won his match to love! Clark is to be commended on his perseverance, his calm and his speedy footwork. In the 6ths, Nicholas Musumeci (10Ke) and Jatan Singh (10Mu) combined well and played some solid tennis, winning their Doubles 6-3. Congratulations to Nicholas who haggled and went on ultimately to win his singles. It was great to see all the players digging deep and winning some games.

Jessica Spratt | Coach 5th and 6th IV

10A Report

The Bs had a solid win this weekend and should be proud of their efforts after some difficult encounters in previous fixtures. Alexander Liang (10Ar) and Owen Street (10La) started slow in their doubles but eventually cruised to a 6-3 win. They carried on their form in their singles matches winning 6-1 and 6-0 respectively, crushing their opponents. Nikhil Akula (10La) and Fouad Deiri (10Ho) also had an easy affair in their doubles match, coming out on top 6-1 with some good serving from both players. Nikhil had a close match in his singles but ultimately keep his cool in the decisive moments to seize the match 6-4. However, Fouad had no trouble putting his opponent away, utilizing his forehand to good effect, he won 6-2.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

9A and B Report

The Trinity 9As played a dominating series of matches over the weekend. Noah Figliuzzi (9Fo) and Ishaan Sharma (9Ar) played a strong doubles game, only dropping 1 game to their opponents. Toby Zuzza (9Ho) and Ashvin Nagaratnam (9Yo) also played convincing singles matches, not even dropping a game between them. Overall a spectacular performance from the team.
The 9Bs displayed a great showing of their tennis skills on Saturday. Sasha Ratnavadivel (9Du) and Dara Ritchley (9Ho) played a great doubles game, winning 6-2. Axel Lee played a dominanting singles game, winning 6-0. Overall a good series of matches from the Bs.

Sunny Tang | Coach

9C and D Report

The 9Cs all played strong matches over the weekend, both in their singles and doubles. Josh Lubke (9Ta) and Bailin Ashcroft (9Fo) easily defeated their opponents 6-0, hitting consistently and with power. Aston Tran (9WH) and Alex Hales (9Ar) also each played great singles matches, winning their own matches 6-0, 6-1 respectively. Overall a great performance from everyone.

Sunny Tang | Coach

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