Prep | Year 6 News

Prep | Year 6 News

We are excited to welcome you to our PYP Exhibition on Monday night 21st November! The boys have been working hard on finalising their inquiries and are looking forward to sharing their findings with you.


In Music, Year 6 boys have been working on their stand-alone, skill based ‘Discovering STOMP’ unit. The boys have focussed on the concepts of form, change and connection by addressing the following questions: What styles of music involve movement? How are patterns used aurally and physically to shape music? How are basketball skills transferable to make music? This involves the relationship between music and basketball, and how they are linked in relation to the musical concepts of rhythm, form, tempo etc. We have also worked as a cohesive ensemble team to coordinate basketball skills (e.g. dribbling, passing) and rhythmic patterns to make a unique composition as a class and in individual groups. We have continued to develop the accuracy of their singing, through changing pitch and rhythms as well as 2-part harmony through learning ‘Christmas Children’ and ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ for the Community Christmas Service.


There are two main parts in learning this term.

The first part is language learning and development on Education Perfect. Beginning Learners learned about the classroom core words while Heritage Learners learned about both core and extra words related to the classroom or the holiday. Students practised and consolidated the focused vocabularies in reading, listening, writing and dictation, with the support of the word lists.

The second part is a graduation project “My Trinity Journal” as a stage conclusion of their schooling at Prep. Students followed the language scaffolds to make a summary, including the year they enrolled in, the grade they started with, their favourite school subjects and activities, the most memorable moments, the suggestions to the new boys etc. They put the images, Chinese speaking and English subtitles into a video to present their journey.

In terms of Approaches to Learning (ATLs), students continued to develop their Communication Skills and Social Skills throughout the term.


Ready, set, cook! In STEAM this term Year 6 transferred their camp cooking experiences to designing their own meal. With a budget of $5 per person boys quickly realised the bigger the group the better the meal. Collaborating with their team the boys researched a recipe, priced all their ingredients and created an order form to share everything that would be required for the preparation of their meal. A week later the STEAM Lab transformed into a kitchen with boys preparing, presenting and of course eating their meals. This challenge quickly became a competition with each class wanting a winner, with no prize other than bragging rights, congratulations to:

6G: Omar, Billy and Nikolas’s Butter Chicken

6M: Arvin and Jayden J’s Beef Curry

6S: Derek and Josh’s Mac and Cheese

This was such a wonderful experience, with boys showing true strengths in their culinary skills. I hope your son has been offering to help cook more at home after this experience.

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