Prep | Pre-Kindergarten News

Prep | Pre-Kindergarten News

Kindergarten Orientation Session 1

On Friday, our young learners were quietly excited to explore their Kindergarten learning environment. They reflected on their experience.

Declan: “I was feeling a little scared because I didn’t know if it was going to be nice.”
Aaron: “I was excited I made some Beyblades with Lego.”
Harrison Tabac: “I was excited to play in Kindergarten.”
Jasper: “I have never gone there before.”
Elijah: “I was excited because some people were playing with me.”
Alexander: “Did you miss Pre-K?”
George Nasser: “That was so much fun!”
Ashton: “It felt good because we were making new friends.”
Ezekiel: “It was super fun. We played with so many things. I wanted to stay forever.”

How We Express Ourselves

It has been lovely to have parents and members of our Trinity community come to support our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves. These visits have supported our understanding of the lines of inquiry ‘How stories are told’ and ‘Stories connect us to people and places and have highlighted the concepts’ of Form and Connection.

Remembrance Day

In preparation for Remembrance Day we read the story ‘The Poppy’ by Andrew Plant.

Here are some of our responses:

Ezekiel: “Maybe the Australian and French fought together.”
Noah: “Did the good soldiers die?”
Marcus: “The people had died a long time ago. They made Australia really good. Maybe some Wangal people died?”
Andreas: “When someone dies in the war they want them to go to heaven.”
Joseph: “When people die they have a statue.”

Making connections:

Harrison: “My grandad fight in World War Two.”
Joseph: “Ukraine and Russia are fighting.”

We made some poppies to be placed on the Llandilo lawn during the School’s Remembrance Day Service.

We reflected on the experience…

Hussein: “I saw some soldiers. They were walking.”
Alexander: “I heard singing.”
Josiah: “I saw a man blowing the trumpet.”
Aarin: “The Trinity Singers were singing and I sang too.”
Liam Bremner: “I liked the person who was doing the drum. He was wearing a helmet.”
Jeremiah: “I see the people talking from the microphone. Mr Wyatt and Mr Lever.”
Hussein: “I was excited when the trumpet was singing.”


In STEAM this term Pre-Kindergarten have been inquiring into the Form and Function of robots. Their learning started with Cubetto, a cube shaped robot. The boys all observed Cubetto’s Form by drawing squares and cubes to represent their robot. We then read Cubetto’s book to learn all about his Functions before having a turn at programming this new robot friend. Using the coloured tiles to teach Cubetto how to move proved to be a wonderful problem solving task for the boys. To make connections between robots and storytelling we have been discussing how we can use robots as a different way of sharing and retelling stories.

To get ready for the transition into Kindergarten, the boys have started walking across to the STEAM Lab during STEAM learning times. When in Kindergarten boys will have all their STEAM lessons in the lab which is another exciting experience for the boys to all look forward to.

Reminder | Christmas play

We are looking forward to sharing the story of Christmas through our performance of ‘An Alphabet of Christmas’. Through our transdisciplinary inquiry into How We Express Ourselves, our young performers have been making props with Mrs Caddy, learning songs with Mrs Campbell, listening to the story of Christmas with Mr Smith and immersing themselves with all aspects of putting on a performance.

We look forward to seeing you for the performance on Wednesday 23rd November at 12:30 in the Mozart Room. We invite you to enjoy a picnic lunch with Pre-Kindergarten in our playground after the performance.

We are so proud of all our learners this year and the growth that has occurred. We thank you for your continued support throughout your son’s first year at Trinity. We wish you a happy Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season.

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