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5th V vs Cranbrook

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

This week marks our final round of summer sport for 2022. It has been great to have a term of sport free of weather disruptions.

Last weekend we had much the better of Kings in 5/6 Basketball with eight wins from eight matches! Our Year 4s had two wins apiece in their clashes.

The 5B & 6B cricketers achieved wins against Kings and St. Andrews respectively.

Our Tennis and Touch Football teams all had strong wins.

The Year 3 Rugby Friday session conclude today. The boys have enjoyed this introduction to one of our four core sports, and many will move into Under 10 Rugby next year.

The annual Year 6 v Middle School fixtures take place next Wednesday. I will give a report on the outcome of these fixtures in next week’s article.

Next Thursday, 24 November, Years 3-5 will have a trials day in preparation for 2023 Summer Sport and Year 6 will compete in a one-off Biathlon. Year 6 boys will all need their swimmers on this day.

Chris Robinson | Sports Master

1st Team Newington Lindfield 121 def Trinity 110
Best and Fairest Roman Urbano
Consistent Effort Jacob Polotoroff
6B Trinity 106 def St. Andrews’ 66
Best and Fairest Claudio Luzzani*
Consistent Effort Laurie Earnshaw*
5A Kings 138 def Trinity 87
Best and Fairest Rahid Chowdhury
5B Trinity 85 def Kings 75
Best and Fairest Viraj Bhatia*
4Bs Scots 132 def Trinity 118
Best and Fairest Asher Chiam*
1st V Trinity 44 def Kings 14
Best and Fairest Alex Chung
Consistent Effort Matthew Portois
2nd V Trinity 49 def Kings 10
Best and Fairest Xavier Malas
Consistent Effort Ethan Soo
3rd V Trinity 46 def Kings 21
Best and Fairest Finley Askew
Consistent Effort Lachlan Tucker
4th V Trinity 30 def Kings 11
Best and Fairest Max Edwards
Consistent Effort Oliver Newton
5th V Trinity 44 def Kings 18
Best and Fairest Joey Monteleone
Consistent Effort Jayden Yang
6th V Trinity 42 def Kings 8
Best and Fairest Harry Carson
Consistent Effort Raf Koutra
7th V Trinity def Kings
Best and Fairest Kai Whitten
Consistent Effort Jayden Hu
8th V Trinity def Kings
Best and Fairest Elliot Mak
Consistent Effort Mateo Lazanja
4A Redlands 27 def Trinity 25
Best and Fairest Ryder Elsibai
4B Newington Lindfield 22 def Trinity 8
Best and Fairest Jacob Bechara
4C Trinity 28 def Newington Lindfield 10
Best and Fairest Ayden Youssef
4D Trinity 22 def Newington Lindfield 2
Best and Fairest Ethan Jin
Touch Football
5/6 A Trinity 6 def St. Pius 1
Best and Fairest Jordan Armenis
Consistent Effort Jack Maclean
5/6 B Trinity 12 def St. Pius 2
Best and Fairest Alex Mezrani
Consistent Effort Seb Vanges*
5/6 A Trinity 11 def Riverview 1
Best and Fairest Nick Ma
Consistent Effort Jack Lai
Intra Sport Ultimate Frisbee
4/5 Yellow  
Consistent Effort Will Millena
5/6 Yellow  
Consistent Effort Clancy Lu-Tian
4 Blue  
Consistent Effort Jayden Goh
5/6 Blue  
Consistent Effort David Ghaly

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