From the Head of the Preparatory School

From the Head of the Preparatory School

Stage 3 Father and Son Breakfast

This morning we welcomed the Stage 3 boys and dads for breakfast. As always, it was a great event that offered an informal opportunity to make connections and strengthen relationships. I trust that this was a powerful reminder of the important role that dads play in the lives of their sons. I also hope the bacon and egg rolls provided sustenance for the day ahead!

Parent ‘thank you’ Afternoon Tea

As school life has returned to normal this year, so has our reliance on the support of parents at various events and with different class-based learning experiences. Such support helps to enhance the students’ experiences, build a strong sense of community and deepen the partnership we share in the boys’ education. Next Tuesday afternoon we will be holding an informal afternoon tea to say ‘thank you’ for this contribution.

I would like to personally invite all parents who have helped out this year to join us between 2:30 and 3:30 on Tuesday 22nd November for afternoon tea in the Prep Library. Please don’t overthink this…any contribution has been appreciated and we would love you to attend!

I look forward to seeing many parents next Tuesday so we can say ‘thank you’.

PYP Exhibition and Year 6 Events

We are now only days away from the Year 6 PYP Exhibition which will take place next Monday 21st November from 6:00pm. The Year 6 students have worked incredibly hard over the last 7 weeks or so on an inquiry focused on an issue of interest related to the Transdisciplinary Theme, ‘Where we are in place and time’. I can’t wait to see the boys’ work come together on Monday and to be challenged by their thinking and action. I hope the School community might join me by attending and providing a sizeable audience for them to engage with.

There are a number of other important activities for our Year 6 boys as they come to the end of their primary education. On Thursday, 24th November they will have their Graduation Dinner with their families at Aqua Luna at Drummoyne. The following Wednesday 30th November they will have their Valedictory Service in the Gym followed by the Farewell Luncheon hosted by Year 5. The end of Year 6 is a significant time in a young person’s life and the School recognises their achievement with these special events. It is also wonderful to share some of these events with their families.

1972 Prep School Reunion

In a timely reminder about the significant history, tradition and significance of the Prep School, we welcomed a group of old boys to the School this afternoon for their 50 year reunion from the Prep School. It was lovely to hear stories of what the Prep School used to look like and to be able to share the thinking behind the changes. Whilst much has changed, the focus on supporting young boys to grow in mind, body and spirit has remained. I hope that our students might be in a similar position in years to come where they can revisit the Prep School to relive great memories.

Orientation Day and Staffing

The following teachers have made the decision to move on to other professional opportunities at the end of this year. Mrs Sally Bailey is moving to Inaburra School after many years of great service to Trinity. Mr Sebastian McGrath concludes his time at Prep as he prepares to head to South Asia next year as a missionary to work in a school. This is a very exciting journey for him and his family that they have been preparing for over the last few years. Ms Isabelle Keyser, Ms Tanya Yacoub and Mr Burge are completing their contracts at the end of the year and are moving on to new roles at other schools. We are extremely grateful to these teachers for their commitment and care for the boys, and the significant contribution that each of them has made to the Prep School.

In other staffing changes, Mrs Hilary Cardiff is moving into the role of Inquiry Learning Integrator to promote literature and co-teaching out of the Library. Mrs May will be commencing maternity leave very early in the new year so won’t be taking responsibility for a class in 2023. Mrs Toia will also be taking maternity leave in 2023.

Orientation Day will be a chance for the boys to get to know their new class teacher for 2023 and to look forward to all the great learning and relationships that await them next year. Class Teachers for 2023 are as follows:

Pre-Kindergarten: Mrs Karen Oliver, Ms Sarah Clay, Ms Vicky Orfanos (new in this role having recently completed her teaching degree), Mr Tim Park (new)

Kindergarten: Ms Asheigh Lopez, Mr Robbie Goulbourne, Mrs Ali Schmidt

Year 1: Ms Deanna Iannella, Mrs Karen Campbell (new), Mr Toby Paul (new)

Year 2: Ms Erin Cuthbert, Mrs Sarah Beasant, Mr Mark Gannon

Year 3: Mrs Jessica Brogan, Mr Nicholas Kartsiotis, Ms Nadene O’Neill

Year 4: Mr Stephen Mugridge, Mrs Angie Stitcher, Mr Sam Mako

Year 5: Mr Adam Herborn, Mrs Cath Devitt, Mr Scott Merrick

Year 6: Mr Adam Short, Ms Mikaela Janes, Mr Tom Gosper

Mr Spencer Darby will be joining the Music Department.

We look forward to the positive contributions of our new staff members in the coming years.

Orientation and Class Lists

We appreciate that the process of transitioning to a new grade, new class and new teacher is significant. Equally, we have a strong sense of the big picture which will involve many more of these changes in years to come. All of this is taken into consideration, along with the needs, friendships and personalities of the boys when class lists are constructed. This is a very detailed process that has taken place over the course of this term. I encourage parents to trust us as we share your concern for ensuring that all students will be supported and thrive in the year ahead. Class lists will not be shared before Orientation Day and changes are not made following.

Christmas Service

On Monday 28th November at 6:00pm, this year’s Christmas Service will be held outdoors at the Prep School, taking advantage of the beautiful backdrop of the Llandilo Building. The Christmas Service will be a contemporary service that celebrates the good news of Jesus’ birth as well as being an opportunity to meet together as a community. The Trinity Singers and the grade choirs will lead our worship throughout the service. There will also be a highly engaging drama. We hope to see many of you on the evening as we celebrate the year together, bring in the festive season and remember God’s gift to the world.

Year 6 v Year 7 Summer Sport fixtures

Next Wednesday 23rd November, some of the Year 6 boys will be taking part in the annual combined Cricket and Basketball matches against the Year 7 teams at Summer Hill. Good luck to the boys for these encounters.

End of Year Events

A Year 3-6 Awards Assembly is being held at Strathfield on Monday 28th November. During this Assembly all summer and winter sports awards will be presented as well as additional class awards and co-curricular awards that are not a part of the Annual Prize Giving (on Friday 2nd December) programme. Parents are welcome to attend the Assembly, which will begin at 8:45am.

On Wednesday 30th November, we will be holding the Year 6 Valedictory Service which will begin shortly after 8:30am and will be held in the Prep School Gym. Year 6 parents are encouraged to join us for this event which will be followed by a Morning Tea. Later in the day Year 5 will join Year 6 for their Farewell Luncheon.

On Wednesday 23rd November our Pre-Kindergarten boys will perform their Nativity Play before sharing in lunch with their parents. The Play will be held in the Mozart Room beginning at 12:00pm. Families are invited to share lunch with their boys in the Pre-K playground. Boys can be taken home following lunch.

On Tuesday 29th November, the final Pre-K to Year 6 Chapel Service for the year will be held at 2:00pm in the Prep Gym. Parents are welcome to join us for this occasion.

On Thursday 1st December, the boys in Years 3-6 will attend their Picnic day. Years 3 and 4 will have their picnic at Peter Depena Reserve and Years 5 and 6 will have their picnic at Carss Park.

I trust you have had the chance to read the Head Master’s Bulletin last week which outlined the plan (or plans) for this year’s Preparatory School Annual Prize Giving for all boys in Years 3-6 which will take place on Friday 2nd December at 11:30am. We anticipate making a decision on Friday next week to allow plenty of time for families to plan. This event is compulsory for all boys in Years 3-6. OSHClub will not be open on Friday 2nd December but will open for Vacation Care on Monday 5th December.

Important Dates
Week Date Description Time
7 21 November PYP Exhibition 5.30pm
7 23 November PreK Christmas Service 12.30pm
7 23 November Pre-Kindergarten Nativity Play 12.00pm
7 23 November Y6 vs Y7 Basketball & Cricket 12.50 – 3.00pm
7 24 November Year 6 Graduation Dinner 5.30pm
7 25 November 2023 PreK Parents Orientation 9.00 – 10.30am
8 28 November Sports & Co-Curricular Awards Assembly 8.45am
8 28 November Community Christmas Service 6.00pm
8 29 November Infants Annual Concert 9.00 – 10.30am
8 29 November End-Of-Year Chapel Service 2.00pm
8 30 November Year 6 Valedictory Service 8.45am
8 30 November Year 6 Farewell Luncheon 12.30pm
8 1 December Years 3-6 Picnic Day All Day Event
8 2 December Annual Prize Giving 11.30am

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School

“And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.”

Luke 1:30-31

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