Volleyball Report: Trinity Victory over Saint Aloysius College 3-0

Volleyball Report: Trinity Victory over Saint Aloysius College 3-0

The most dominant performance by the Trinity 1st IV as yet. Long serving streaks, powerful hits and a fast defence typified this game enabling a swift and relatively easy game. The first home game of the season started really well with incredible performances from every member of the team, playing their role to near perfection in the first set, resulting in a score of 25-4.

Coming straight into the game, Jonny Resissis (11WJ) set the tone. His loud voice calling the ball gave confidence to every member of the team, setting us up for the win in the first set and then carrying over into the second and third. Bringing up the energy and keeping smiles on everyone’s faces, as we continued to to play he inspired each person on the court to play even just a little better.

Another person whose presence on the court gave inspiration to the team was Xavier ‘Communication’ Martin Hatcher (11Ke) whose vociferous passes enabled very few points to be lost and kept the vibes up in the team huddles. Making his voice heard from all parts of the Trinity facility calling the ball and communicating with the setters he enabled a seamless game. This was only supported by the other Libero, Isaac Latt (9Wh) whose incredible passing was on point throughout the whole game, making an impressive dive in the third set to seal the game.

Josh Munter (11Hi) and Imran Parker(10We) were in sync as always, with some spicy combinations between the setter and outside. Giving enough time for Imran’s hits to go flying into the St Aloysius’ side, Josh’s sets were just crisp during the game. Emphatic serving streaks from both players with their signature ‘toppies’ left the other team’s defensive line in shambles.

Continuing in the previous week’s fashion with a win, this is exactly how we wanted to keep playing. The development of everyone’s abilities were clearly seen in this commanding win for the 1st IV. We hope to continue in this manner in the upcoming games and develop our skills some more before the next one.

Timothy Braga (11Du) | 1st IV Captain

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