Tennis Round vs St Aloysius’

Tennis Round vs St Aloysius’

Last weekend’s fixture was contested against St Aloysius’ College in glorious sunny conditions. The 1st IV lost 1-7 but the score did not reflect the closeness of some of the matches. Congratulations to James Kim (11Ar) and Angelo Shi (10Sc) for winning their second set of doubles after losing the first. Also, Finn Taylor (11La) and Mitch Reid-Queeney (11Ar) must be acknowledged for their excellent play in their singles. The 2nd IV had a fantastic five sets to three win against a good St Aloysius’ outfit, with all players combining for an excellent team result. Particular mention must go to newcomer Mark Charas (11Ho) who prevailed in a nail-biting singles tiebreaker. Domenic Farfaro (11Ar) was also impressive in his singles after a plethora of impressive heavy ground strokes winners that bamboozled his opponent. Nathan Tsang (10Du) and Chris Lowe (10Ho) combined extremely well in their doubles in what appeared to be a very fun encounter.

3rd and 4th Match Report

The 3rds and 4ths had found the going tough against Barker College the previous Saturday. Only James Chan (10La), hitting his forehand majestically at No.1 in the 3rds, and Alex Nero (10Ta), chasing every ball in sight again, at No.3 in the 4ths, were able to register singles victories, although Ben Kwan (11He) , at No.3 in the 3rds, used his superb ground strokes to come within a whisker of subduing an opponent with a very powerful serve. This is not to say that any of the other boys ever threw in the towel, but Barker’s triumph was much deserved.

Against St Aloysius’ last Saturday, the competition remained fierce and mostly even. Unfortunately, this time, the resourceful James Chan and Alex Nero both lost close singles matches. When Ben Kwan also lost another close singles match (an attempt to come back from 0-4 down which ended 4-6), things were looking bleak. Thankfully, Aidan Kuoch (10La) kept the Trinity flag flying. First, he combined very well with James Chan to win the first 3rds doubles match comprehensively 6-1, and then, using his left-handed serve and well-placed volleys to great effect, he eventually subdued an equally determined opponent in a tie-break. Aidan demonstrated the sort of form he had been searching for, and I am delighted I was able to witness his thrilling play.

Ashley Lucas | Coach

5th and 6th Match Report

After our two losses and two wins for the season to date, last week’s fixture against St Aloysius’ College was split between the two schools – the 5ths suffering a loss and the 6ths relishing the win. The Doubles combinations in the 5ths were juggled about and saw Marcus Lorenzato (11Fo) pair up with Keegan Van (10St). They played a very competitive Doubles match but just didn’t quite manage to snag the big points, ultimately conceding the set 4-6 in what was a very tight tussle. Stefano Furlan (10Du) and Jack O’Shea (10He) struggled to find early form and consistency but did play some solid tennis characterised by heavy hitting and improved serving. Marcus and Jack both went on to dominate in their respective Singles matches and are to be commended on their determination and focus.

The 6th team remain unchanged from last week and the players once again enjoyed victory. Special mention goes to Oliver Dawson (11WJ) and Chinmay Gaikaiwari (11Fo) who once again combined very well and enjoyed some great rallies. Oliver served well and focused on maintaining his consistency and Chinmay displayed great court coverage and ball placement. Lucas Blum (10Ar) and Bryan Yu (10Ta) had a tougher Doubles match and couldn’t quite find the form or consistency they needed. Pleasingly though, both boys went on to win categorically in the Singles. Special congratulations to Lucas who won 6-0 – a wonderful first singles win of the season!

The players are to be commended on their fine attitude, sportsmanship and ever-improving match play.

Jessica Spratt | Coach

10A and B Match Report

The As had their best performance in terms of application and focus on the game plan this weekend, even if all the results didn’t go their way. Max Tsai (10Fo) and Shan Mohan (10Ke) played a solid and clinical doubles match. In particular, a high first serve percentage from both the boys allowed them to keep the pressure on their opponents and win 6-4. Max then backed this up with his best singles performance of the season against a tough opponent. He ripped some incredible forehands to seal the match 7-5. Josh Lee (10La) and George Stavrakis (10WH) were incredibly unlucky in their doubles match. After having two match points in their favour, they were undone by some good grit and determination from their opponents who took the match to a tiebreak. Despite saving some match points of their own, the boys ultimately went down 6(5)-7. Overall, it was a much improved performance from previous weekends and the boys should have a bit more confidence going into the final two fixtures of the year.

Unfortunately, the Bs went down four sets to two this weekend but there were some admirable performances all round. Both doubles pairings were unable to get a foothold in their matches which made it difficult to make a comeback once they fell behind. However, Alexander Liang (10Ar) was able to put the doubles result behind him and grind out a tough 6-3 win. Alex chased down every ball and played some incredible points on his way to a deserved win. Michael Hatzistergos (10Mu) also had a close affair but eventually came out on top, 6-4. However, despite the score line, Michael never looked in much doubt and was absolutely smoking forehands throughout the match – a marked improvement from the start of the season. Good job to all the boys for their efforts this weekend.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

10C and D Match Report

The Cs were incredibly unlucky this weekend and despite winning three sets each, Aloysius’ edged Trinity by just four games when the total games won were counted. Fouad Deiri (10Ho) played a great match, dominating with powerful groundstrokes, and despite a tough loss in his doubles match, he seemed to have no tentativeness in his play. Elliot Russell (10Fo) and Tom Deller (10Ho) rallied together to close out a tough win in their doubles match 6-4. By making so few mistakes themselves, they put a lot of pressure on their opponents to lose and they should be commended for being so disciplined. Elliot was able to back this up with a commanding win in his singles match, keeping his foot on the throat the whole time in a 6-2 blitz.

It was a tough weekend for the Ds who were comfortably outplayed in every match played. However, they showed admirable grace in defeat and didn’t let the results affect how they carried themselves off the court. This week the focus will be on building up the consistency in their groundstrokes to cut down on the cheap unforced errors.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

9A and B match report

Last week the 9As and Bs took on St Aloysius’. Thankfully for me, it was not my first time at these courts which can be quite tricky to find. Overall the matches were tight and a great contest for all involved; even the dogs who pretended to be ball boys just to get a ball in their mouth were living their best lives. The As managed a great win of four sets to two and 29 games to 24. Notably, Toby Zuzza (9Ho) produced his best tennis today, winning his singles 6-2. Ashvin Nagaratnam (9Yo) also carried the team to a 6-4 victory.

The Bs were an even closer fixture. With both teams at three sets all, it would come down to the game total – I get the boys to calculate the final scores for me as I trust their young minds more than my own mathematical prowess. Unfortunately, and by the closest of margins, Trinity lost by one game, 30-31. With the scores being so high from both teams and only managing three sets, it was clear that each game went to the wire. Axel Lee (9Yo) and Leo Wong (9WJ) won their doubles 7-6 and also their singles 6-4 and 6-2, respectively. I wish the boys the best for next week!

Kevin Batliwala | Acting A/B Coach

9C and D Match Report

Similar to the As and Bs, the Cs and Ds matches were well contested. However, a no show from our team meant we were on the back foot from the start. Our boys battled hard but were ultimately succumbed by two sets to four and 13 games to 30. A huge effort from Aston Tran (9WH) should be commended though, winning his singles 6-3.

The Ds were also put to the wire. However, our boys weathered the storm and came out with a terrific win, winning four sets to two and 28 games to 26. Notably Gavin Qian (9Du) and debutant Frankie Hughes (9Hi) were able to win their singles in convincing fashion, 6-2 and 6-4, respectively. I wish the boys the best for next week’s games!

Kevin Batliwala | Acting A/B Coach

8A and B Match Report

The 8As played a dominant series of matches over the weekend, winning all their matches whilst not dropping a set. Nathan Della Torre (8Yo) and Lucas Preston (8WH) showed a great display of confidence in their doubles match, easily sealing the win 6-1. Marcus Kuit (8Ho) also played a great doubles match, winning 6-0. Ryan Qin (8Yo) played a much lengthier and tougher match, eventually winning 7-6 through attrition. A great series of games overall.

The 8Bs managed to come out on top over their opponents on the weekend. Ollie Jessop (8We) and Lucas Davies (8Ta) easily claimed victory in their doubles, winning 6-2. Orlando Ang (8WJ) also played spectacularly, who despite losing his doubles 7-6, won his singles 7-6. Sebastian Musumeci (8Ke) also played very well, and despite coming up from the Cs, he performed well. Overall a great showing from the 8Bs.

Sunny Tang | Coach

8C and D match Report

The Trinity 8Cs played an intense series of matches over the weekend. Peter Papadopoulos (8He) and Domenico Pangallo (8Ke) played a dominant doubles match, beating their opponents 6-0. Unfortunately, Ben Loughnan (8Ke) and Alex Rabey (8He) were unable to beat their much stronger opponents, despite putting up a great fight. The 8Cs narrowly clinched their win by one game. A great effort from all the boys.

The 8Ds played a spectacular series of matches on Saturday. Tanner Hitay (8WH) and Liam Hudson (8Du) played a fine doubles game, winning their match 6-3. Unfortunately, Adam Brzozowski (8Ta) was overpowered by his opponent and despite putting up a great fight, was not able to claim victory. Overall, the 8Ds tied with their opponents, three sets and 22 games each.

Sunny Tang | Coach

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