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5th V vs Cranbrook

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Another weekend of blue skies saw the results mostly in our favour across all disciplines.

In cricket, our Year 6As had a tie and a there was another strong win for the 6Bs. The 4Bs made it four in a row with another strong victory. Touch Football As had a strong win as did our Tennis team. Basketball had 7.5 wins from 12 games against our two Eastern Suburbs opponents.

The House Swimming carnival was held last week. Once more, Young House was successful, retaining their title from 2021. Results and Age Champions are;

House Totals
1st Young 323 points
2nd Founders’ 238 points
3rd Latham 186 points
4th Taubman 153 points
2022 Swimming Age Champions
U8s Alex Siluk
U9s Zihao Ji
U10s Daniel Zhang
U11s Adam Zhao
Opens Nathan Jones

Round 10 IPSHA & Intra Summer Sport 

1st Team Trinity 7/81 tied with Grammar Edgecliff 7/81
Best and Fairest Eamon Turner
Consistent Effort Josh Tsang*
6B Trinity 67 def Grammar Edgecliff 48
Best and Fairest Ed Earnshaw*
Consistent Effort Max Leung
5A Grammar St. Ives 145 def Trinity 71
Best and Fairest Rahis Chowdhury
5B Grammar St. Ives 125 def Trinity 74
Best and Fairest Nicholas Deligiannis
4B MB Trinity 121 def St. AloysiuS 112
Best and Fairest Luke Obaid*
Intra Sports
Year 4 Blue
Consistent Effort Felix Pearson
Year 4/5 Yellow
Consistent Effort Nader Aref
Year 5/6 Yellow
Consistent Effort Liam Seeto
Year 5/6 Blue
Consistent Effort Ethan Shih
1st V Trinity JS 34 def Cranbrook 33
Best and Fairest Alexander Chung
Consistent Effort Xavier Malas
2nd V Cranbrook 34 def Trinity JS 27
Best and Fairest Zak Sukkar
Consistent Effort Justin Tsia
3rd V Cranbrook 22 def Trinity JS 8
Best and Fairest Lachlan Tucker
Consistent Effort Christian Antoniou
4th V Cranbrook 30 def Trinity JS 16
Best and Fairest Oliver Newton
Consistent Effort Max Edwards
5th V Trinity JS 30 def Cranbrook 24
Best and Fairest Christopher Skouteris
Consistent Effort Nathan Moses & James Azizi
6th V Trinity JS 26 def Cranbrook 20
Best and Fairest Max Jarvis
Consistent Effort Seb Lamb
7th V Trinity JS 34 def Cranbrook 12
Best and Fairest Ryan La
Consistent Effort Nic Beke
8th V Trinity JS 26 drew with Cranbrook 26
Best and Fairest Jay Zhang
Consistent Effort Jacob Pitton
4A V Grammar Edgecliff def Trinity JS 20
Best and Fairest Leo Chen
4B V Trinity JS  35 def Grammar Edgecliff 19
Best and Fairest Nessan Reidy
4C V Trinity JS 18 def Grammar Edgecliff 16
Best and Fairest Aaron Thekeddath
4D V Trinity JS 36 def Grammar Edgecliff 6
Best and Fairest Lucas Horley
Touch Football
5/6A Trinity 12 def SIC 4
Best and Fairest Sam Walker
Consistent Effort Peter Katsiris
5/6B Newington L 9 def Trinity 8
Best and Fairest Aidan Gasiorowski
Consistent Effort Owen Li
5/6A Trinity JS  7 def Grammar Edgecliff 5
Best and Fairest James Fang
Consistent Effort Aidan Tay


Chris Robinson | Sports Master

5th V vs Cranbrook
5th V vs Cranbrook

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