Volleyball Report: Trinity Victory over Barker 3-0

Volleyball Report: Trinity Victory over Barker 3-0

October 29, 2022

Trinity Victory over Barker 3-0

The first win for the Trinity 1st IV for the season had a slow start with unforced errors causing for a close score in each set. Another game most of the students will not forget, with it being their first win in an incredible Barker facility, where the high roof and open floor enabled a smooth game to be played. Control of the momentum was largely done by the splendid defensive effort and hustle by passing and blocking enabling the hitters to be effective.

The control of the game and energy was largely due to Ken Takei (11La) swinging from the middle. His loud calls both on and off the court helped keep the team focused on each point as they came and not to get hung up on mistakes, bringing the vibes up after every point through his talk. In addition to this, his impressive defensive blocking helped to prevent the impactful outsides on the Barker side to be effective.

The defence of the Trinity 1st was further fortified through the awe-inspiring efforts of Xavier Hatcher (11Ke) playing Libero. Covering for both our own offensive efforts and picking up the ball on defence, his constant movement and coverage enable the decisive victory for the team.

Coming back after a frustrating loss the previous week this is the outcome we wanted. With the constant improvement and development of this team being seen through this victory against Barker. As chemistry continues to build in this squad and as skills are further built upon we hope to continue to replicate these results in the following games.

Timothy Braga (11Du) | 1st IV Captain  

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