From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Touch Football B v Redlands

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Last Saturday, a beautiful morning greeted us as we completed Round 9 of IPSHA & Intra-school summer sport.

Our basketballers were well-matched with Grammar St. Ives and Barker. We triumphed in eight out of those twelve contests which was pleasing to note.

Cricketers had a successful day with four wins from five contests.

The Touch Footballers and Tennis boys both also won well in their fixtures to make it two victories from three starts for those three teams this term.

Last Friday, we hosted the TGS Swim Invitational with many Junior School swimmers placing in the fast-paced programme. The K-2 boys also had their annual Track & Field Carnival held on the new surface alongside and inside the Centenary Centre Gym.

Kindergarten and Year 2 have enjoyed their Learn to Swim lessons this week at Enfield pool. Year 1 boys have their turn next week as Year 2 also continue.

On Monday, we held out 2022 House Swimming Carnival at school in the Centenary Centre Pool. All the boys enjoyed the camaraderie and supported their House throughout. Next week’s JS News will detail the results and age champions.

Chris Robinson | Sports Master

1st Team Trinity 3/98 def Wyvern 7/96
Best and Fairest Jayden Paskaranathan*
Consistent Effort Luke Holani
6B Trinity 130 def Wyvern 122
Best and Fairest Max Leung/ Raj Reddy
Consistent Effort Lachlan Davies
5A Shore 9/89 def Trinity 6/66
Best and Fairest Ruben Saha
5B Trinity 1/56 def Shore 2/42
Best and Fairest Viraj Bhatia*
4B MB Trinity 0/104 def Kings 3/32
Best and Fairest Luke Obaid*
Intra Sports
Year 4 Blue
Consistent Effort Leon Ren
Year 4/5 Yellow
Consistent Effort Thomas Minzlaff
Year 5/6 Yellow
Consistent Effort Mason Lockett
Year 5/6 Blue
Consistent Effort Leon Liu
1st V Trinity JS 53 def Grammar St. Ives 27
Best and Fairest Alexander Chung
2nd V Grammar St. Ives 30 def Trinity JS 18
Best and Fairest Matthew Boumelhem
Consistent Effort Arthur Mansfield
3rd V Trinity JS 24 def Grammar St. Ives 14
Best and Fairest Finley Askew
Consistent Effort Christian Antoniou
4th V Trinity JS 26 def Grammar St. Ives 22
Best and Fairest Patrick Crook
Consistent Effort Max Edwards
5th V Grammar St. Ives 16 def Trinity JS 15
Best and Fairest Andrew Nicolopoulos
Consistent Effort Luke Nunez
6th V Trinity JS 28 def Grammar St. Ives 16
Best and Fairest Kobi Vickery
Consistent Effort Rafael Koutra
7th V Trinity JS 20 def Grammar St. Ives 6
Best and Fairest Andrew Zeng
Consistent Effort Elliot Bargon
8th V Grammar St. Ives 28 def Trinity JS 8
Best and Fairest Elliot Mak
Consistent Effort Mateo Lazanja
4A V Barker 34 def Trinity JS 20
Best and Fairest Jonah Chan
4B V Trinity JS  27 def Barker 11
Best and Fairest Nessan Reidy
4C V Trinity JS 19 def Barker 9
Best and Fairest Abbas Choker
4D V Trinity JS 36 def Barker 20
Best and Fairest Dimitri Karlos
Touch Football
5/6A Trinity 16 def SACS 5
Best and Fairest Sam Walker
Consistent Effort Peter Katsiris
5/6B Trinity 12 def Redlands 1
Best and Fairest Nik Freeman
Consistent Effort Allan Shaba
5/6A Trinity JS  8 def St. Pats 4
Best and Fairest Ralph Chammas
Touch Football B v Redlands
Touch Football B v Redlands
Houses at the Swim Carnival
Houses at the Swim Carnival

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