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On the 22nd of October, the 1sts from Trinity Grammar Preparatory School competed in a game of Basketball against 1sts from King’s School. Kings and Trinity had faced each other before in Term 1 and came back to challenge each other for one last time. In the previous game, Kings had defeated Trinity so Trinity was hungry for the win. The referee signaled for the game to start, and the players ran to their coaches for a round down of the game plan. Tip off went to King’s but the first points were awarded to Trinity. The game was very spontaneous and thorough as each of the teams could score many times in a row. Both colliding teams were able to hit shots from close range and wouldn’t give up points easily. Trinity’s defensive strategy started to be put in play as they were making sure the ball kept going out of the paint. The Kings team had a lot of good ball movement and were sure to get a basket on their next play after timeout. The intensity of the game and the score at halftime meant it was anyone’s game. The start of the second half went in Trinity’s favor as they had the upper hand of 10 points. With 4 minutes remaining, Trinity was sure they had collected a win. Kings kept their head high and managed to chop down the lead and soon snagged 2 points taking them ahead of the game. The final minutes of the game were slow and long, and the competition level was colossal. Both teams’ defense was like a metal war and any bucket that had been scored was earnt with hard work and terrific teamwork. The last thirty seconds of the game struck like lightning. The game pace changed to feet walking to feet sprinting. The Kings were down 1 point and needed a bucket desperately. Trinity had the ball but had unfortunately lost it. The Kings had then scored the easy layup causing the game to end with their win. The final score was 35 Kings and 34 Trinity.

Congratulations King’s School.

Owen Hoang 6Sc and Domenic Alvaro 6Ar

Saturday Sports Results – 22nd October 2022

Round 8 | 22nd October 2022
Year 5 & 6 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent Coach
1st V 1st V Kings Sam Mako
Score 33 35
Best and Fairest Adam Ge
Encouragement Owen Hoang
2nd V 2nd V Kings Sam Mako
Score 39 21
Best and Fairest Ethan Marangou
Encouragement Marvin Xu
3rd V 3rd V Prep 4ths Hilary Cardiff
Score 34 15
Best and Fairest
4th V 4th V Prep 3rds Hilary Cardiff
Score 15 34
Best and Fairest
5th V 5th V Kings Adam Herborn
Score 29 6
Best and Fairest Josh Casamento
Encouragement Andy Xu
6th V 6th V Kings Adam Herborn
Score 42 4
Best and Fairest Zachary Al-Hassan
Encouragement Devin Li
7th V 7th V Kings Cath Devitt
Score 32 10
Best and Fairest Michael Esen
Encouragement Julian Ang
8th V 8th V Kings Cath Devitt
Score 20 10
Best and Fairest Lucas Nasr
Encouragement Oliver Cardiff
Year 4 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent Coach
4A V 4A V Junior School Scott Merrick
Score 23 16
Best and Fairest Roman Fotheringham
Encouragement Frankie Nachabe
4B V 4B V Newington Scott Merrick
Score 15 12
Best and Fairest Lucas Le
Encouragement Samuel Simon
4C V 4C V Newington Jessica Newton
Score 40 12
Best and Fairest Anthony
Encouragement Aris Ferizis
4D V 4D V Newington Jessica Newton
Score 41 16
Best and Fairest Nicholas Kostakis
Encouragement Isaiah
Year 5 & 6 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent Coach
6A 6A Grammar St Ives Mr Maddox
Score 0/36 35
Best and Fairest Roman Urbano
Encouragement Jacob Polorotoff
6B 6B St Aloysius Mr Mugridge
Score 1/100 7/36
Best and Fairest Hasan Siddiqui and Jordan Buultjens
Encouragement Raj Reddy and Lachlan Davies
5A 5A Newington W Mr Cassell
Score 7/69 1/149
Best and Fairest Rahid Chowdhury
Encouragement Jayshan Shanmugaratnam
5B 5B Newington W Mr Bishop
Score 6/52 2/99
Best and Fairest Viraj Bhatia
Encouragement James Saunders
Year 4 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent Coach
4A 4A Barker Mr Srikumar
Score 6/104 3/65
Best and Fairest Luke Obaid
Encouragement Asher Chiam
Touch Football
Team Trinity Opponent Coach
Team A A Coogee Prep Chloe Martin
Score 2 3
Best and Fairest Kai Pham (JS)
Encouragement Laith Radwan
Team B B Coogee Prep Mark Gannon
Score 5 10
Best and Fairest Rory Ashcroft
Encouragement Sebastian Vanges
Yr 5 & 6 Trinity Opponent Coach
Single Game 1 Yianni Pahos Waverly Deanna Iannella
Score 3 2
Single Game 2 Marcus Nguyen Waverly
Score 4 1
Single Game 3 Nicholas Khouzame Waverly
Score 3 2
Single Game 4 Victor Bao Waverly
Score 3 2
Single Game 5 Jack Brown Waverly
Score 5 0
Single Game 6 Jake Lim Waverly
Score 3 2
Single Game 7 Adriano Furfaro Waverly
Score 3 2
Single Game 8 Marcus Du Waverly
Score 4 1
Doubles Game 1 Yianni Pahos & Marcus Nguyen Waverly
Score 7 0
Doubles Game 2 Victor Bao & Nicholas Khouzame Waverly
Score 6 1
Doubles Game 3 Jake Lim & Jack Brown Waverly
Score 4 3
Doubles Game 4 Nicholas Harrow & Adriano Furfaro Waverly
Score 5 2
Best and Fairest Jack Brown
Encouragement Marcus Du

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