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Prep | Kindergarten News

Unit of Inquiry – Where We Are in Place and Time

What a great start to our new unit of inquiry – Where We Are in Place and Time. Boys have been presenting artefacts to their peers to share their experiences of a special journey. Where did you go? How did you prepare yourself for this journey? What did you bring? What did you learn on your journey? What made this place special to you?

Boys continue to develop their speaking and listening skills by using eye contact, using a clear and loud voice, orientating their bodies to the speaker and using vocabulary that is specific to the Unit of Inquiry.

Mathematics – Forming Groups

The boys have begun exploring equal grouping and sharing through our new unit on Forming Groups. They have been investigating strategies to group and share concrete materials into smaller groups and recognise whether the number in each group is equal or not. They are learning how to record their grouping and sharing strategies using drawings, words and numerals, and explain their thinking. The boys should be continuing to use the following vocabulary: group, share, equal, groups of, total.

Process Type Description Example
Equal sharing Partitive Distributing items one at a time into a set number of groups. A student has a number of pop sticks and three cups. They share out the pop sticks into the cups one at a time.
Equal grouping Quotative Distributing the same number of items into an unknown number of groups. A student has 12 pop sticks and wants to make groups of four. They place four pop sticks down, then another four, and so on.


Swimming – Week 5

The boys are preparing themselves for the swimming program in Week 5. We have read a social story of what to expect when we are at the swimming pool. We have been discussing safety around water when we are near swimming pools or at the beach.

Christian Studies

Celebrations like Christmas are a wonderful time of the year. Every family has different stories to share and a variety of journeys that bring back amazing memories. This term, the boys are exploring the Christmas story through the eyes of the different people involved and their journeys. The boys will be using their thinking and communication skills to unpack the various journeys involved in the Christmas story including Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men and the angels. The boys will be learning some Christmas songs that they will be sharing at the Christmas family carols night in Week 8. In Chapel, we will be investigating how we celebrate Christmas – do we have the story correct and what place do food, feasting and fellowship have? How can all these wonderful aspects enhance our experience of Christmas without taking away from the central message of Jesus’ birth.

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