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Arles recommends David Walliams’ book Demon Dentist. “It is a really suspenseful book. It is about a boy who doesn’t like going to the dentist. It turns out that the dentist is evil and chases the main character throughout the whole story. It leaves you guessing what will happen. This helps me to keep on reading because I want to find out what happens.”

Luca loves The Odd 1s Out by James Rallision. “There are three reasons why this book is so good. 1. It is super hilarious, it really makes me laugh. 2. It is super relatable. The author is a regular guy who has written about his life growing up. 3. He is writing about being in school and this is similar to what is happening in my life.”

Eamon recommends Don Bradman and Me by Peter Allen.

“This book is based on a true story. It tells a realistic story about the 1930’s and what life was like in Australia at the time during the Great Depression. It is a great book to read as it helps you know about historical events.”

IB Students book creation

Three Year 11 IB students, Chris, Noah and Tom, who are in the process of completing their CAS – Creativity Project came down to Year 2 to read the picture book they wrote and self-published.  The Year 2 students were amazed by the fact that the boys were the author and signed a copy for the Junior School.  All of Year 2 was inspired to start writing.

The book is now available for borrowing in the Library.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian.

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