From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

1st team 6A Cricketers with their 2022 Baggy Greens!

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

An overcast Saturday morning greeted us for the second week of Term 4 Summer Sport last weekend with mixed results across all six disciplines.

Please be at your venue 30 minutes minimum before the game is due to commence. A few boys were arriving at start time or just before on Saturday which is not fair to teammates or coaches trying to organise starters and formations.

In Basketball, we had strong wins in our Year 4B, C & D teams against Coogee Prep at UNSW but struggled against St. Aloysius in 5/6 matches.

In Cricket, the 6A & 6B teams were both victorious along with the 4Bs. Year 5 found Wyvern to be stiff competition.

In Touch Football, Coogee Prep had the better of us here in both fixtures. However, the Tennis team secured a devastating 12 sets to nil triumph over Waverley. Our Intra Sport boys continued the Ultimate Frisbee contests at Cooke Park showing improved skills and game awareness.

Congratulations to our 2022 Junior School Track & Field Captain Nathan J (6Yo) who came 7th at the NSWPSSA last week in the U12/13 800m event, a fine achievement.

We look forward to our House Swimming Carnival on Monday. Results will be in next week’s newsletter. Earlier today, the K-2 boys had their annual Track & Field Carnival. Pictures of this will also be in next week’s edition.

Chris Robinson | Sports Master

1st Team Trinity 0/36 def Grammar St. Ives 35
Best and Fairest Roman Urbano
Consistent Effort Jacob Polotoroff
6B Trinity 1/100 def St. Aloysius 7/36
Best and Fairest Jordan Buultjens
Consistent Effort Raj Reddy & Lachlan Davies
5A Wyvern 1/149 def Trinity 7/69
Best and Fairest Rahid Chowdhury
5B Wyvern 2/99 def Trinity 6/52
Best and Fairest Viraj Bhatia*
4B MB Trinity def Barker 
Best and Fairest Luke Obaid*
Intra Sports
Year 4 Blue
Consistent Effort Evan Li
Year 4/5 Yellow
Consistent Effort Justin Tse
Year 5/6 Yellow
Consistent Effort Noah Girgis
Year 5/6 Blue
Consistent Effort Nicholas Abwi
1st V St. Aloysius 48 def Trinity JS 24
Best and Fairest Jason Lan
Consistent Effort Anthony Fanos
2nd V St. Aloysius 40 def Trinity JS 30
Best and Fairest Justin Tsia
Consistent Effort Austin Da Silva
3rd V St. Aloysius 30 def Trinity JS 20
Best and Fairest Kyden Salim
Consistent Effort Finley Askew
4th V St. Aloysius 43 def Trinity JS 17
Best and Fairest Patrick Crook
Consistent Effort Moussa Choker
5th V St. Aloysius 39 def Trinity JS 14
Best and Fairest Nathan Moses
Consistent Effort James Azizi
6th V Trinity JS 34 def St. Aloysius 22
Best and Fairest Joey Monteleone
Consistent Effort Luis Kokotovich
7th V St. Aloysius 51 def Trinity JS  6
Best and Fairest Tianyang Zhao
Consistent Effort Jay Zhang
8th V St. Aloysius 50 def Trinity JS 0
Best and Fairest Harry Carson
Consistent Effort Baden Galletta
4A V TGS Prep 23 def Trinity JS 15
Best and Fairest Jonah Chan
4B V Trinity JS  22 def Coogee Prep 14
Best and Fairest Christopher Xu
4C V Trinity JS 26 def Coogee Prep 10
Best and Fairest Justin Wang
4D V Trinity JS 24 def Coogee Prep 10
Best and Fairest Kiran Mohanan
Touch Football
5/6A Coogee Prep 3 def Trinity 2
Best and Fairest Kai Pham
Consistent Effort Laith*
5/6B Coogee Prep 10 def Trinity 5
Best and Fairest Rory Ashcroft*
Consistent Effort Sebastian Vanges*
5/6A Trinity JS  12 def Waverley 0
Best and Fairest James Fang
Consistent Effort James Ge
1st team 6A Cricketers with their 2022 Baggy Greens!
1st team 6A Cricketers with their 2022 Baggy Greens!
Nathan J at NSWPSSA
Nathan J at NSWPSSA

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