Year 3-6 Mother and Son Breakfast 2022

Year 3-6 Mother and Son Breakfast 2022

A massive thank you to all who were able to attend the Mother Son Breakfast held on Tuesday this week. We had a total of 245 tickets sold for the morning with all turning out for what proved to be a successful morning. The weather held out for us which was wonderful. This event was not run as a fundraiser but rather an opportunity to provide an enduring memory for Mums and their boys. I hope we achieved that.

Volunteers are a major part of any event, and this was no exception. Eman Kirkland was our inspiration once again with a worthy supporting cast of Venera DiMaria, Chau Tran and our past president Loredana Eboli always present. A special mention to Chau’s husband Thao Nguyen holding the flag for the dad volunteers. Mary in the canteen was very generous to lend us her kitchen for the preparation work this morning and was most gracious with her time. School representatives, Sonia Harper our Headmaster Mr Wyatt with a special mention for Christian the school groundsman who is ever present when we have an event.

None of those involved seek praise for their efforts, but it is so important for me to acknowledge them. These events simply cannot exist without many, many hands. We are always looking for people willing to lend a hand, whether it be a donation of time or service in any form. I know there are many people on the fence when it comes to making that first step to offer help. Take the leap, we won’t bite.

The morning started for the volunteers at 6am after a solid effort the day before by Eman to ensure that the morning was a success. The early morning start provided an opportunity to cook and warm the various pastries, ranging from Croissants to Danish’s. The range of options was a testament to the team who tried to cater for as many tastes as possible. Special mention to the Chocolate Croissants, Pork Buns, Quiches and Scones which proved to be big hits.

The reason for all the effort, was to celebrate the boys and most importantly their Mums. It was great to see all the boys crowding around the food tables and how they dispersed once they were told that they could only take something from the table if they were with their Mum. It was at that point that their Mum had never been more important to have by their side. I witnessed many soft moments of boys fussing over their Mums, which I am sure is a welcome change from the usual roles. Mums play an important role in the development of boys, mornings like this help the boys realise that albeit in a very small way.

Immediate feedback from the parents I spoke to was very positive. A few boys however mentioned that they were looking forward to milkshakes, that feedback was taken on board. Milkshakes will certainly make an appearance at future breakfasts.

Thank you again to all those who played a role in making the morning a success.

Wayne Fotheringham | Strathfield Auxiliary President

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