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Basketball Sport Report

On Saturday, the 15th of October 2022, the Firsts from Trinity Grammar Preparatory School and Trinity Grammar Junior School faced each other in a close contested match in The Prep School Gymnasium. The friendly, fiery rivalry between the schools made the match exciting and tight. The referee blew his whistle and both teams huddled towards their coach for instructions on the game. Players moved onto the court where the first piece of action would take place. Tip off went to Junior School and the crowd roared and rumbled to every point, steal, block or shot that occurred but the first points were awarded to Prep School. Prep School had a good start of 6-0 then the Junior School anticipated and got their first points to open up their scoring from close range. At 8-2 Junior School called a time out. Both teams went over their performance and tactics. The first half was close at 14 – 14 and the biggest lead during the half was 6 ahead in favor of Prep. The end of the half ended with a score from Junior School. After halftime, both teams were neck and neck. Halftime allowed both teams to go over and make changes to their cohesiveness as a team and to go over their game plan for the second half. The second half felt like a lifetime and seconds felt like hours for the players as the perfect match ups made it impeccably hard for players to score. The real battle was in the paint and even the smallest players were a threat, as both teams had guarded the opposing team like their lives depended on it and managed to steal the ball or be awarded with a jump ball. Many points had been scored on fast breaks and the defense from each and every player was astonishing. Through the game, the score had been consistent with Prep scoring then Junior scoring, but Prep started to slowly gain a lead when a Prep player had been fouled when taking a layup and got scored it in causing 2 points and a chance to get a three point play. Although Prep did not score the extra point, they managed to steal the ball and score causing a 4-point lead. Players from both teams were exhausted and dripping with hard earned sweat but were not willing to give up points without a fight. With two minutes remaining in the last half, Junior School tried to close the score differential from 28 – 24 by making a steal although they turned up empty. Shots were made and balls were stolen from both sides of the court. With 30 seconds left to play in this unresolved game, Prep snagged 4 points to secure a tight win. The final score was 34 – 27 with Prep claiming the win.

Domenic Alvaro (6Ar) & Owen Hoang (6Sc)


Saturday Sport Results

Round 7 | 15th October 2022
Year 5 & 6 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st V 1st V TGS Junior School
Score 34 27
Best and Fairest Ronak Biswas
Encouragement Dom Alvaro
2nd V 2nd V TGS Junior School
Score 32 24
Best and Fairest Alexei Fotheringham
Encouragement Massimo Di Maria
3rd V 3rd V TGS Junior School
Score 8 36
Best and Fairest Charlie Deeb
Encouragement Andrew Gao
4th V 4th V TGS Junior School
Score 28 18
Best and Fairest Billy Paradisis
Encouragement Timmy Zhao
5th V 5th V TGS Junior School
Score 3 16
Best and Fairest Lincoln Cui
Encouragement Ethan Lam
6th V 6th V TGS Junior School
Score 14 18
Best and Fairest Damon Hua
Encouragement Owen Callaghan
7th V 7th V TGS Junior School
Score 20 4
Best and Fairest Michael Esen
Encouragement Julian Ang
8th V 8th V TGS Junior School
Score 16 18
Best and Fairest George Chaar
Encouragement Oliver Cardiff
Year 4 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
4A V 4A V TGS Junior School
Score 16 26
Best and Fairest Jacob Malas
Encouragement Roman Fotheringham
4B V 4B V TGS Junior School
Score 12 16
Best and Fairest Jacob Xu
Encouragement Lucas Hsieh
4C V 4C V TGS Junior School
Score 20 18
Best and Fairest Cayman So
Encouragement Aris Ferizis
4D V 4D V TGS Junior School
Score 10 14
Best and Fairest Ashwin Eswaran
Encouragement Martin Lu
Year 5 & 6 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent
6A 6A St Aloysius
Score 9/112 7/113
Best and Fairest Harry Horwood
Encouragement Jayden Paskaranathan
6B 6B St Aloysius
Score 7/55 5/64
Best and Fairest Claudio Luzzani
Encouragement Jordan Buultjens
5A 5A Grammar Edgecliff
Score 11/74 2/129
Best and Fairest Jayshan Shanmugaratnam
Encouragement Rishan Singh
5B 5B Grammar Edgecliff
Score 11/79 4/129
Best and Fairest Nicolas Deligiannas
Encouragement Alex Anatasia
Year 4 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent
4A 4A Knox
Score 7/126 5/122
Best and Fairest Viraj Bhatia
Touch Football
Team Trinity Opponent
Team A A Knox
Score 12 3
Best and Fairest Michael Whiting
Encouragement Luigi Barca
Team B B Knox
Score 16 3
Best and Fairest Xavier Hannan
Encouragement Jackson Galettis
Yr 5 & 6 Trinity Opponent
Single Game 1 Yianni Pahos Knox
Score 5 0
Single Game 2 Marcus Nguyen Knox
Score 4 1
Single Game 3 Laurier Chen Knox
Score 2 3
Single Game 4 Nicholas Khouzame Knox
Score 5 0
Single Game 5 Victor Bao Knox
Score 5 0
Single Game 6 Jack Brown Knox
Score 0 5
Single Game 7 Jake Lim Knox
Score 5 0
Single Game 8 Marcus Du Knox
Score 2 3
Doubles Game 1 Yianni Pahos & Marcus Nguyen Knox
Score 7 0
Doubles Game 2 Laurier Chen & Nicholas Khouzame Knox
Score 6 1
Doubles Game 3 Victor Bao & Jack Brown Knox
Score 5 2
Doubles Game 4 Jake Lim & Adriano Furfaro Knox
Score 4 3
Best and Fairest Yianni Pahos
Encouragement Nicholas Khouzame

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