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7th V v TGS Prep

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

A gorgeous Saturday morning greeted us for the resumption of Summer Sport last weekend.

In Basketball, we had a 12 match intra-school derby with TGS Prep, all matches being held at Strathfield. The 5/6 matches were split four games apiece and in Year 4 we took the honours 3-1. Our 4A and 4B teams both had impressive victories along with our 4Ds in their inaugural match. Other winners on the day were the 8th V, 6th V, 5th V and 3rd V.

In Cricket, the 6A & 6B teams were both narrowly beaten by St. Aloysius at Bressington Park. Our Year 5 teams went down to Grammar Edgecliff at Queen’s Park.

In Touch Football we had two big wins over Knox at Cooke Park and in Tennis we went down narrowly 7 sets to 5 against Shore. Our Intra Sport boys played their first Ultimate Frisbee matches at Cooke Park’s synthetic field.

Tuesday morning 7-8am training has re-commenced.  5A & 6A Cricketers, 4A V, 4B V 1st V, 2nd V Basketballers & Touch Football As are all expected to attend the next four Tuesday mornings weather permitting, other boys in these sports are welcome to join in these extra sessions. The final week for this will be 15 November.

I remind everyone to download and check the new TGS app which includes the term’s matches under ‘fixtures for the season’ and the weekly option both within the sports icon. Please have notifications turned on in settings. Most boys who competed in IPSHA competition in Term 1 have stayed in their original teams but there could still be a little movement this week as teams are finalised for the next five weeks of matches. As usual the app, The Junior School News and TGS community site on Fridays will also confirm venues, times, and team lists.

Year 3 are reminded that they require a mouthguard for their remaining rugby sessions.

If anyone requires leave from sport, they must contact Mr Dunn directly to request this and preferably at least 10 days prior. (

Chris Robinson | Sports Master


Round 7 Results

6A St. Aloysius 7/113 def Trinity 9/112
Best and Fairest Harry Horwood
Consistent Effort Jayden Paskaranathan*
6B St. Aloysius 5/64 def Trinity 7/55
Best and Fairest Claudio Luzzani*
5A Grammar Edgecliff 2/129 def Trinity 74
Best and Fairest Jayshan*
5B Grammar Edgecliff 4/129 def Trinity 79
Best and Fairest Nicholas Deligiannis
Intra Sports
Year 4 Blue
Consistent Effort Paul Karlos
Year 4/5 Yellow
Consistent Effort Justin Tse
Year 5/6 Blue
Consistent Effort George Felekos
Year 5/6 Yellow
Consistent Effort James Colyer
1st V TGS Prep 34 def Trinity JS 27
Best and Fairest Alex Chung
Consistent Effort Daniel Orr
2nd V TGS Prep 32 def Trinity JS 24
Best and Fairest Zac Sukkar
Consistent Effort Matthew Boumelhem
3rd V Trinity JS 36 def TGS Prep 8
Best and Fairest Finley Askew
Consistent Effort Christian Antoniou
4th V TGS Prep 28 def Trinity JS 18
Best and Fairest Max Edwards
Consistent Effort Lucas Vo
5th V Trinity JS 18 def TGS Prep 3
Best and Fairest Nathan Moses
Consistent Effort George Halvagi
6th V Trinity JS 16 def TGS Prep 14
Best and Fairest Seb Lamb
Consistent Effort Elijah Harding
7th V TGS Prep 20 def Trinity JS 4
Best and Fairest Jayden Hu
Consistent Effort Joey Khoury
8th V Trinity JS 18 def TGS Prep 16
Best and Fairest Kai Whitten
Consistent Effort Jake Luton
4A V Trinity JS 26 def TGS Prep 16
Best and Fairest Leon Armenis
Consistent Effort Jonah Chan
4B V Trinity JS 20 def TGS Prep 16
Best and Fairest Patrick Cornell
Consistent Effort Nessan Reidy
4C V TGS Prep 18 def Trinity JS 16
Best and Fairest Zihao Ji
4D V Trinity JS
Best and Fairest Lucas Horley & Dimitri Karlos
Touch Football
5/6 A Trinity 12 def Knox 3
Best and Fairest Michael Whiting
Consistent Effort Luigi Barca
5/6 B Trinity 16 def Knox 3
Best and Fairest Xavier Hannan
Consistent Effort Jack Galettis*
5/6A Shore 7 def Trinity JS  5
Best and Fairest Darren Cai
4Bs v TGS Prep
6Bs v St. Aloysius
7th V v TGS Prep

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