WriteOn 2022 | Preparatory School

Photography by Louise Whelan

WriteOn 2022 | Preparatory School

We are delighted to announce that Enzo H. (2C) and Joseph O. (4P) are now published authors! From 500 entries across the state their imaginative writing in response to the image below was selected for its creativity with Enzo being awarded a Silver and Joseph a Bronze in this annual competition. Congratulations boys!

Photography by Louise Whelan
Photography by Louise Whelan

WriteOn is a writing competition open to all NSW primary students in Years 1-6 held in association with the State Library of NSW. It is designed to encourage students to develop their writing skills as they are asked to compose a short, imaginative piece using an image as the stimulus. Only one entry per stage is permitted for each school.

Fiona Evans | Head of Curriculum

Another day, Another hour – Bronze Award

Joseph O.

“Another day. Another hour”
Where the dull panda has no power
Everyone chooses
But also loses
Always leaving him feeling quite dour
“Another day, Another hour”

It made him feel quite dim
Every harsh comment strived right through him
Always despised because of his black and white skin
Staying there, always in
“Another day another hour”

Time goes by
Sitting there with a sigh
Gloomy days
Sunny days
All days are the same
“Another day, another hour”

7 kids walk along
One curious, one fun
One attentive
One alert, one perfective
One a risk-taker
One a player
Will anyone choose the panda?

The little girl picked the one she sought
She picked the panda without a second thought

“Another wonderful day, another wonderful hour”
The panda seemed to enjoy his novel tower
He would lie around and enjoy the warm sun
Playing with the girl and having fun!
Another wonderful day, another wonderful hour, another wonderful world.

A day at the fair  – Silver Award

Enzo H.   

Grass is green
kids are keen
toys are dangling
and yellow bells are ringing
it is windy
and it is breezing
in the cold wind
it is freezing
toys are dangling high
in the sky
people are playing
where flowers are growing
it’s been fun at the fair
like there’s magic in the air.

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