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WriteOn Competition

At the end of last term we received a copy of the WriteOn Competition winners book. This book contains pieces of writing written by students across NSW, all of which are of outstanding quality. Whilst flicking through, we were lucky enough to come across writing from Enzo 2C and Joseph 4P. This makes these young men published authors before they have even left primary school! If you see them around, please congratulate them on their incredible achievements.


The Scholastic Book Club Issue 7 is out now and available for parents and students to purchase their favourite books. Orders must be placed by Friday 28th October 2022. The Book Club catalogue was handed out this week, and orders may be placed online using the LOOP system and will be delivered to the School and handed out to your son in class.

Book Recommendation: The Third Space by Dr Adam Fraser

Dr Adam Fraser is a peak performance researcher who helps people strive to achieve better performance in everything they do for their wellbeing and mental health. Click on the link below to visit his site: Dr Adam Fraser

The Third Space is a book about getting the small stuff right – not ‘sweating’ it, but making it much more rewarding, much more often. It’s about using ‘The Third Space’ (that moment of transition between a first activity and the second that follows it), to mentally ‘show up’ right for whatever comes next. Gaining control of the Third Space will empower you to do this any time and every time. You will consistently be your best for your work, your family, your friends and yourself – and you will find that the key to balance and happiness was always there waiting for you in The Third Space.

Mrs Jenny Bruscino | Library Services Specialist

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