News From the Field Studies Centre

News From the Field Studies Centre

The final week of the Field Studies Programme provides an opportunity for the boys to strengthen connections, further explore their talents, reflect on their achievements and consider what they will take from their experience back into their life at home in Sydney. As the boys returned to campus following the six-day expedition, there was almost a sense of ‘coming home’ before they officially return home the following week. Each of the four groups had a unique experience during their respective expeditions, and the boys enjoy being able to share their adventures with their peers, once they are back on campus together. The time that the boys have with one another during the down-time moments on the FSP are valuable. Free time, mealtimes and the evening programme all provide the opportunity to build connections and learn more about one another.

In reflecting on the experience that the boys have had this term at Woollamia, some of the key programme priorities have been:

  • To meet each boy wherever they were at on their journey towards manhood
  • To both challenge and to support each boy throughout the experience
  • To show each boy that learning can occur in a range of environments
  • To help each boy to recognise ways in which they experienced success on the FSP
  • To reinforce that it is not all about competition in the traditional sense. It’s about competing against yourself to be better
  • To remind each boy to not just focus on the destination or the end point, as joy is not only found in the fleeting moments on the summit, but also on the slow grind uphill.

By the time this article goes to press, the boys will have completed the final elements of the FSP rite of passage and been welcomed back into the School community at the special Quad Assembly at Summer Hill. Each boy will be in possession of the pin that recognises their achievements and more importantly, will be the owner of some amazing memories that they have created over the last ten weeks. Each young man has travelled a journey that although not always smooth, will position them well for whatever challenge they face next. The team at the Field Studies Centre would like to wish each of the boys well for their transition home and we look forward to following their journey and hearing of their achievements in years to come.

Mr Tim Knowles

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 NIV


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