TGSACU – Cadet Executive Announcement

At a Quad presentation this week, we presented the incoming Cadet Executive for the next Cadet Training Year.

Last year was a challenge for our Cadet Unit, with the cancellation of our Recruit Bivouac in Term 4, and then the cancellation of our Annual Field Exercise at the end of Term 1 this year. For our largest co-curricular activity, not being able to operate in the field, which is after all what we train to do when we parade each week, was the cause of great disappointment for cadets across our two schools.

This training year, starting next term, we are looking upwards and onwards with our Unit number still very strong at 550 cadets and staff.

In June this year, we had a record number of cadets engaging in our Annual Promotions Courses. Of these cadets, 30 were Year 11 students from both Schools, who undertook the most senior leadership course. These cadets have maintained a solid commitment to their growth as leaders through the Cadet Programme, and are recognised as making a significant contribution to the development of our younger cadets.

These senior cadets now have the responsibility for planning and leading activities for the whole Unit and are to be congratulated on the achievement of their newly promoted ranks of Cadet Under Officer and Warrant Officer. They are:

  • Senior Under Officer – CUO Ty Garaci (11Ho)
  • Executive Officer – CUO Adelaide Loane (Meriden)
  • Regimental Sergeant Major – WO1 Sophie Brennan (Meriden)
  • Adjutant – CUO Davide Eboli (11WH)
  • Operations Officer – CUO Aman Shaw (11Ar)
  • Training Officer – CUO Zoe Wang (Meriden)
  • Regimental Quartermaster – CUO Surabhi Govind (Meriden)

Cadet Promotions Courses Awards

On completion of Promotions Courses, Cadet Units are invited to put forward the names of cadets who excelled in their endeavours, for a Commander’s Commendation. On behalf of the Commander, 2ND BDE, the following awards were presented:

  • Regional Commander’s Gold Commendation is awarded to CUO Adelaide Loane (Meriden) – Cadet Under Officer/Warrant Officer course;
  • Regional Commander’s Silver Commendation is awarded to Cadet Warrant Officer Class 2 Luca Gillard (10St) – Senior Leaders course;
  • Regional Commander’s Bronze Commendations are awarded to Cadet Corporal Zahara Toomalatai (Meriden) and Cadet Corporal Leopold Vo (9WH) –Junior Leaders course.

ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards

Each year Trinity nominates students for ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards.  These awards recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader community, and who display strong values of community commitment and respect for others.

This year, Trinity is pleased to present these awards this year to the following students:

  • Tom Studdert (10Ta)
  • Oliver Walker (12Fo)


LT(AAC) Susan Draysey | Officer Commanding – TGSACU

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