Prep | Year 5 News

Prep | Year 5 News

Coming up in Year 5

Week 10…CAMP!


Term 4 Weeks 1

Who We Are- Leadership

Term 4 Week 2

How the World Works


Term 4 Week 1

Volume, Capacity and Mass


Writing to Inform- Explanation Texts

Reading- Novel Studies

Unit of Inquiry

Using their knowledge of social entrepreneurship, students have identified possible community needs and considered a range of practical solutions. Collaboratively they have been working through a series of criteria by which they; made data collection surveys to engage the local community and seek feedback to inform action, compose appropriate pitch proposals to engage either investors or raise awareness, develop websites, apps, fundraising products and present their findings through ‘clips’. Additionally, students have been reflecting on their self management skills, creative thinking skills and social skills, communicating ways they have either demonstrated these skills or considering their next steps.


In literacy groups students have been engaging with three different novels, exploring ideas of perspective, point of view and theme. It has been great to see boys engage in weekly reading and discussing their inferences and predictions as they read.

In conjunction with our UOI study, students have explored the construction and composition of writing a pitch. Pitches are a crucial component when communicating social needs and solutions with the broader community. We identified two different types of pitches: pitching for investment or pitching for the intention of raising awareness. The boys have enjoyed exploring a different form of writing for particular audiences.


Budgeting and financial management are skills that must be developed as a crucial part of growing up. Year 5 have been playing an adapted version of ‘The Game of Life’ during maths to explore the concept of money. Based on a given occupation, students were required to determine the tax rate, allocate funds for housing, transport, utilities, groceries, entertainment etc. With each new lesson came a ‘news flash’, delivering either a positive or negative scenario with which the boys then had to adjust their budget accordingly. To extend their understanding, University Lecturer and Prep Parent, Dr Reaven Yu, came in to talk to the boys and explore further questioning. We recommend chatting to the boys about their occupations, their breakdown of funds and compare it to your own household weekly budget!


In Music, the students found their voice again in the stand alone unit inquiry presented by Musica Viva called Timmy and the Breakfast Band and performed so confidently at the Primary Arts Festival combined performance of Hamilton Highlights in week 6. Throughout the term unit they inquired into the connection between music and emotions, music and movement and folk music using the Musica Viva stimulus material. They became expert Foley Artists and really enjoyed providing the sound effects for a scene from the Peter Rabbit movie. Through the concepts of connection, change and perspective, students continued to develop their analysis and vocal performance skills using the music elements as a reference point in developing their ability to convey connection, meaning and express mood and emotion when performing to an audience.

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