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Music News | Preparatory School

Cancelled Co-curricular Music Ensembles Week 10

The following rehearsals are impacted due to camps and will be cancelled next week.  Please check the list carefully.

Week 10

Monday 19th September – Primary Choir/Chapel Band

Tuesday 20th September – Chamber Ensemble/Percussion Ensemble

Wednesday 21st September – Trinity Singers ALL

Thursday 22nd September – Concert Band/Chamber Orchestra/ Trinity Singers Part 1

Friday 23rd September – Junior Choir/Cello Ensemble/ Trinity Singers Part 2

Denham Court Scholarship 2023

All Year 5 parents have received an email concerning the opportunity for students learning an orchestral instrument who have attained Grade 3 and above to apply for the Denham Court Scholarship in 2023.  This scholarship subsidises a half hour music tuition lesson during term time only. Applicants are to perform two contrasting pieces on a main orchestral instrument and may play on a second instrument which has to also be Grade 3 and above standard.  Applications must be received by Friday 21st October and be endorsed by the Instrumental Music Teacher. No Late entries will be accepted.  Auditions will be held on Tuesday 8th November.  Good luck.

Instrument Drop-off

Parents are beginning to drop off forgotten instruments to the Music Centre. This is a reminder that parents are not permitted to bring forgotten instruments to the School. Students need to take responsibility for their learning and remember to pack all the necessary equipment. If they forget, they will miss out that week. Please do not bring instruments in for lessons.

Rehearsals Week 1 Term 4

As the students commence on Tuesday 11th October, music ensemble rehearsals will resume that morning and operate as usual going forward.

Upcoming Events

RSCM – Tuesday 18th October – Trinity Singers

Closing Date Denham Court Scholarship Applications – 21st October

AMEB String Exams – Tuesday 25th October

AMEB Piano Exams – Friday 28th October

Denham Court Scholarship Auditions – Tuesday 8th November

Christmas Service – Monday 28th November

Prize Giving – Friday 2nd December

Strings Concerts

Congratulations to all the string tutors and students from Years 1 and 2 who performed on Wednesday at the end of term concerts. These concerts provide invaluable development of performing and active audience participation skills. Thanks to Ms Mandie Vieira for her leadership with the strings program.

Mrs Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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