Careers: Preparing for Post-School Pathways

Careers: Preparing for Post-School Pathways

You will be aware that the Australian Government held the Jobs and Skills Summit at the beginning of this month. More than 100 Australians were invited to attend this Summit, representing employers, workers, industry, education and community groups. 

Two of the issues that were raised for discussion were: 

  • Are the current systems for higher education and VET appropriately tailored to respond to Australia’s needs now and in the future?
  • How can we ensure the labour force is more resilient and well-equipped to respond to future changes in the structure of economy?

These are questions that are particularly relevant to the education sector. The responses to these challenges have been tied to some of the actions arising from the Summit, including additional funding for TAFEs. 

Related to these talking points was the acknowledgement of the changes to key employment areas in Australia. Beyond the Summit, it is widely acknowledged that the following industry sectors are experiencing significant growth: 

These industries themselves are being re-imagined. The skill sets needed to succeed and be relevant for work in these industries are constantly changing and require commitment to the development of hard skills that are related to technology. 

In our Year 11 Careers sessions next term, we will be looking at what the world of work in the future will look like, and what credentials industry will value. 

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Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor

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