News From the Field Studies Centre

News From the Field Studies Centre

A key consideration in the design of the Field Studies Academic Programme, was determining which elements of the curriculum could be best taught in the learning environment that was envisioned for the Woollamia campus. This led to the creation of bespoke units of work in Geography, Science, PDHPE and Christian Studies that truly leverage the unique environment and immersive nature of the FSP. In Geography, the boys have completed their final assessment this week where they were asked to develop a business idea that would improve sustainability in a particular area, or industry within the Shoalhaven. These proposals have been pitched to the FSC staff and we have again been most impressed by the ingenuity and attention to detail of the boys’ work. Some of the interesting ideas have included: developing new biogas plants located on campus and in local restaurants; soft plastic recycling; cow feed supplements made of seaweed that help to reduce the cows methane emissions; edible bug energy bars; initiatives to reduce food waste at the FSC; and keeping pigs on campus to consume kitchen waste.  The boys have all really invested in the task and enjoyed the challenge of presenting to the FSC staff and their peers.

Many of Trinity’s young men are now electing to complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in Year 9. The boys are mentored by Award Leaders from the Field Studies Centre, connecting via regular MS Teams meetings while in Sydney and face to face during their Field Studies term. Each Tuesday evening while on the FSP, the boys update their adventurous journey logs and work towards ensuring that their online record books are up to date. Many of the young men choose to use the rigorous morning fitness programme to meet the physical activity requirements of the Award, and others will also continue developing their selected skill during free time while at Woollamia. To successfully complete the Award each boy will need to work diligently and take personal responsibility for meeting the Award requirements. The payoff, however, in terms of the sense of achievement that completion brings and the high esteem in which the Award is held in the community and beyond, make it worth the effort.

On Sunday the boys will do the final planning and preparations for the pinnacle six-day expedition that begins in Week 9. Each of the four pastoral groups will take on the challenge of three days of paddling through beautiful Kangaroo Valley and three days of hiking through the rugged Morton National Park, before returning to campus for a rest and reset day. The boys have developed the fitness, leadership skills and expertise to tackle this challenge over the term, and we excitedly anticipate hearing the stories that will be created by each boy, as they extend themselves during this final challenging element of the FSP.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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