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Library News | Preparatory School

Storybox Library

This week during Library borrowing time students have been watching online stories via Storybox. They have enjoyed seeing these stories come to life! Storybox Library is a fantastic resource that students can access at both home and school. Whilst it doesn’t replace the joy of reading by yourself or listening to a loved one read, it’s a great addition to the way in which students appreciate literature. Stories on the screen are brought to life by moving animations and different sound effects that we wouldn’t experience with a physical copy of a book


Students have been receiving notes and reminder stickers during their Library times which are placed in their Student Record books to notify parents of overdue loans. If you feel this is incorrect, please email us at  so we can adjust student loan accounts.

It is nearly the end of Term 3, this is the time where we need to finalise all borrowing. Students have until the end of Week 9 to return or renew all of their Library books. Once their account is cleared, they are welcome to borrow for the holidays. Any outstanding overdue or lost library books at the end of the term will be forwarded onto finance for payment to be added to school term fee accounts.

On Wednesday we celebrated Indigenous Literacy Day. We met in the gym to watch a lively group of children from remote Milikapiti and Jilkminggan, in the Northern Territory, joyfully share their Stories, Cultures and Languages.

R U Okay?

On Thursday this week, students and staff across the School took time to ask each other “Are You Okay?” to ensure people have the space to express their feelings if they are finding aspects of their life difficult. The Library supported this initiative by creating a display of books that promote wellbeing. The Library is a wonderful place to enjoy some downtime when needed and provides a safe space to share in conversations and create meaningful connections with others. If your answer was “no” to “Are You Okay?”, come and spend some time in the Library and talk to someone who will listen.

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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