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Learning in the Library

Year One has been inquiring how technology has helped improve our lives over time.

We looked at some photos from the School Archives of Trinity boys at school in the 1930’s and 1940’s. We discussed the technology the boys were using then, and what we use now.

We defined technology to be “things invented by humans to make life easier or to solve problems.”

L. Year 3 boys over at the Preparatory School in 1941. Wooden tables, chairs and floor. Reading books and sitting in rows. R. The school bus in 1930. Windows down for a cool breeze.

Trinity Grammar School’s first Athletics Carnival in 1917. Most boys ran without shoes and the lanes were marked with strings and pegs.

We read the book My Community Past and Present by Melissa Reve and discussed the changing technologies that have shaped how we live today.

Year Two is inquiring how Signs and Symbols facilitate local and global communication. We looked at the Australian and Aboriginal flags and examined what symbols are being represented on these.

To begin the lesson, boys were asked to have a go at drawing the Australian and the Aboriginal flags from memory. We then looked at the symbols on the flags and found out what they were communicating.

We had a discussion about whether or not the Australian flag should be changed, and the boys designed new national flags.

Some helpful books in the Library that we used were The Flag Book and Flags and Coats of Arms.

With the holidays approaching, we would love the boys to be borrowing some good reads for the break. We have new books that are freshly covered and ready for the boys, as well as copies of the recent Children’s Book Council of Australia Winners and runner up books.

Mrs Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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