Prep Music News

Prep Music News

Emily Sun Strings Workshop

World renowned violinist Emily Sun facilitated a strings Masterclass with the Preparatory String ensemble students on Wednesday 31st August. We were thrilled to hear her insights into technique, dynamics and stylistic characteristics and thank our performers David, Ryan, Adam, Isaac and Jude and Ms Welsh for her accompaniment for this event.

Emily is a Violin Professor at the Royal College of Music, London and plays a 1760 Nicolo Gagliano violin, loaned to her through the Beare’s International Violin Society. She is also the winner of numerous awards including the Tagore Gold Medal from the Royal College of Music, the 2018 ABC Young Performers Award (Australia), the 2016 Royal Overseas League Music Competition (UK), and the Brahms (Austria), Yampolsky (Russia) and Lipizer (Italy) international violin competitions. It was an absolute honour to welcome Emily to the Preparatory School and this will be a Masterclass the boys and staff will remember for a lifetime

Instrumental Music Lesson Cancellation Notification

A reminder as we approach the end of the term, that as per the Music Tuition Enrolment Policy, four weeks term time notice is required in writing to Mrs Campbell to cease private tuition lessons. We would appreciate your assistance in adhering to this policy requirement.

Cancelled Co-curricular Ensembles in Weeks 9 and 10

The following rehearsals are impacted due to Year 3 to 6 camps and will be cancelled in the weeks listed below.  Please check the list carefully.

Week 9

Wednesday 14th September – Beethoven Strings

Thursday 15th September – Trinity Singers Part 1

Friday 16th September – Junior Choir/Trinity Singers Part 2

Week 10

Monday 19th September – Primary Choir/Chapel Band

Tuesday 20th September – Chamber Ensemble

Wednesday 21st September – Trinity Singers

Thursday 22nd September – Concert Band/Chamber Orchestra/ Trinity Singers Part 1

Friday 23rd September – Junior Choir/Cello Ensemble/ Trinity Singers Part 2

Mrs Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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