2022 OTU Junior & Intermediate Oratory Finals Competition

2022 OTU Junior & Intermediate Oratory Finals Competition

With a welcome return to onsite gatherings, part one of the School’s official Oratory competition: the 78th OTU Oratory Finals, was held for speakers in Years 7 to 10 on Wednesday, 24 August. For these two divisions, a total of eight students had each speaker preparing for either a three-minute (Junior Division: Years 7 to 8) or four-minute (Intermediate Division: Years 9 to 10) speech on one unseen topic after ten minutes of preparation. The better speakers presented well-polished and insightful speeches on a range of interesting ideas, and did so with confidence and conviction. Suggested skills to develop include the unpacking the meaning of the topic and structuring a cogent, logical series of discussion points that support the speaker’s purpose. One major issue is for speakers to be aware of is meeting the time expectations when constructing speeches.

The Junior Division speakers of Samedh Chirravuri (7Mu), Jared Arnold (7Ar), Ryan Qin (7Yo) and Orlando Ang (7WJ) each tackled the topic “Just do one simple thing to be better”. Trying to avoid a shopping list of ideas, the better speakers were able to construct a coherent and well-structured exploration of a thesis throughout their speech that aligned closely to the topic. With four speakers in this division, second place was awarded to Orlando Ang, while Jared Arnold continued his winning ways and won the Junior title for a second time. Well done, boys!

Leopold Vo (9WH), Alfred Han (10St), Sam Labbozzetta (10St) and Christian Ciarroni (9WJ) competed in the Intermediate Division and addressed the topic “Nothing to say, nothing to see”. A somewhat different topic that threw the preparation of both inexperienced and experienced speakers! Time management became an issue with some speeches being rather short. Speakers are encouraged to explore a wider range of topics examples and current affair issues to strengthen the depth of the speech, and thus overcoming the issue of speaking too briefly. The structure and better exploration of the topic by the stronger speakers saw Sam Labbozzetta placed second, while another relative newcomer, Alfred Han was awarded first place. Congratulations to all the speakers who participated at this level of the competition.

The adjudicator, Dr. Christopher Richardson (’00), a published author, speaker and educator, gave specific and encouraging individual feedback to all speakers. He praised their efforts and encouraged the speakers to continue their involvement in Oratory as it is a life skill that reaps many rewards. I would personally like to thank Dr. Richardson for being available to adjudicate the competition and offer his insight, wisdom and expertise.

The winners of the OTU Junior and Intermediate Oratory Finals will receive a prize on Speech Day in Term 4. Thank you to all the speakers who entered – it is worthy to have the experience and learn the art of Oratory. For any students in Years 7 to 11 who may be interested in joining the weekly Oratory Co-Curricular activity, please contact Mr. McGrath for further details.

The Senior Division of the OTU Oratory Competition is now open to all Year 11 and Year 12 students. This competition will be held between 6.00pm and 7.00pm on Wednesday 14 September in Room F2.5 (The Founder’s Building). Please contact Mr McGrath (jmcgrath@trinity.nsw.edu.au) for expressions of interest and specific instructions to enter. Parents and supporters are welcome to attend.

Justin McGrath | Oratory Co-ordinator

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