Making a difference together

Making a difference together

Trinity’s ‘The Voice’ Survey is a staple within the School year, allowing teaching and support staff to have their say about various aspects of the School and the way it functions. In the few years that this survey has been collecting data, there has already been action based on the results. 

One key area that many have been interested in is the area of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. The Trinity Environmental and Sustainability Committee formed in 2020, off the back of the survey and for those on the team, it has been a passion-driven experience as they learn what it takes for Trinity to actively pursue sustainability across all areas of the School. 

Ms Katrina Naess is one of these team members. As a Senior Graphic Designer on the Marketing and Communications team at Trinity, she sees her fair share of paper being distributed across the School. Trinity’s 2020 ‘The Voice’ survey came at the perfect time for her. 

“I had recently watched Craig Reucassel’s The War on Waste,” she says. “It was such a big wake up and stir moment for me. Seeing so many realistic changes I can make as one person in my personal life and looking at the upscale impact of those decisions was empowering.” 

Once the data from the survey had been collected and it became clear a sustainability team was needed, Katrina jumped at the chance to be involved. 

“It seemed inexcusable to acknowledge that I felt there was a problem and then not do anything about it once given the chance.” 

Throughout her career, Katrina has been heavily focused on print. From a job in university at a paper company, to working at Pacific Magazines, she has experienced the power of distributing print materials across the nation. 

“There has been an environmental tally in my head over my career,” she says. “I’m not against print – it’s my favourite area of design – but it does require a consciousness to justify the environmental impact.” 

Now, Katrina is putting that consciousness to work on the sustainability team, with a particular focus on resources. 

“I enjoy seeing the resources being used for maximum effect and wastage being minimised. I also like being part of the review process: what worked/what didn’t work/what worked before that may have a better way now?”

Problem solving is a huge part of the team, but getting involved in this way helped her to realise there was a lot out there that she didn’t know and it has spurred her on to expand her professional development. 

“I identified early on in joining the sustainability team that I am coming from a place of passion and not knowledge.

“I applied to our Professional Development team to have funding towards industry training which was approved. I now need to find the right course to be able to apply the knowledge specifically back to business purpose, and specifically to an office/school environment.” 

Katrina started at Trinity as a maternity leave cover, having her contract extended several times until she was offered a permanent position. Now, things are coming full circle for her as she gets ready to take maternity leave for her first child. 

“It has been a wonderful experience to have your workplace extremely excited for you. Not only are they excited for me, but they are able to reassure me that there’s flexibility when I come back and that it won’t affect my career level or its progression.” 

“I really enjoy being somewhere where I can actively make a difference,” she says. “Being in the MarComms office, we perhaps see more of the good news stories – constantly seeing students succeed in their school results, alumni going off to achieve great things, and hearing stories in the community of how our students and alumni have helped them is really inspiring.

“I love being able to help share those stories, bringing in more future Trinitarians.” 

Seeing great things happening inspires Katrina as she seeks to make change and she hopes that other people are inspired too. 

To those who are passionate about making change at Trinity – and beyond – she says “Go for it. Trinity is at a very exciting time with the Renewal Project on our doorstep.” 

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