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Family service rehearsal

Prep Music News

Family service rehearsal
Family service rehearsal

Family Service

Today Trinity Singers and Chapel Band travelled to the War Memorial Chapel at Summer Hill for a rehearsal for the Family Service on Sunday 21st August. If you are able to assist with the choir gowns before and after the service, can you please come to the Choir Room at 9am. I would like to thank to Mr Kinda for his assistance, Ms Keyser and Mrs Swanton for helping to prepare the students for this event.

Primary Years Arts Festival

The Primary Arts Festival is next week. Please join us from Monday 22nd August – Friday 26th August anytime from 3:30pm-4:30pm to hear selected performances that will take place during the Art Show viewing times.  Thanks to the Instrumental Music Staff and the boys for committing to this additional performing opportunity. Venue: Library Foyer

Day Group and Staff Responsible

22nd August

Duelling Sax & Clarinet – Tank Yang/Nick Cao

(Geraldine Campbell)


23rd August

Classical Guitar – Guitar Ensemble and Soloists

(Stefano Rocco)


24th August

String Serenades – Jude Kim/Cayden Tsang/Jack Ng/Adam Jeroncic/Jack Brown/Lewis Wang

(Mandie Vieira)


25th August

Hail Suzuki – Suzuki Violin & Cello Groups & Corelli Strings (Mandie Vieira)

26th August

Art on The Piano – Marcus Du, Chenyu Liu, Lucas Cheng, Julian Wallace, Jude Kim,

(Geraldine Campbell)

Years 3-6 students have been rehearsing and are looking forward to performing Highlights from Hamilton as the finale to the Music Concert that will commence at 5:30pm in the Gym.  On arrival boys who are only involved in the final item will gather in the Mozart Room and be supervised by Classroom Teachers and watch the concert as it will be streamed into the Mozart Room. Boys are to wear their full winter uniform.


The entries have been entered and we will have 23 students sitting face to face piano/violin/cello/viola exams in the October session. All Preparatory School string and piano students will be sitting the exams at the Preparatory School as we have enough hours to host the examiner.

Save the Date***

Trinity Singers will be involved in the Royal School of Church Music Junior Schools’ Choral Festival to be held at St Andrew’s Cathedral on Tuesday 18th October commencing at 6:15pm.  Boys will travel by bus for a rehearsal that will commence at 3:45pm.

Mrs Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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