Prep School Sports News

Prep School Sports News

Football 1st XI

This week saw the second meeting of the Trinity School Derby; Prep vs. Junior School. Coming off last week’s loss, the Prep School boys were looking to bounce back and show the Junior School what they thought of last week’s performance. The boys started out with a very strong defensive mindset, working together to put a stop to any attacking threat the Junior School put forward. The Prep School boys isolated the Junior School’s wings and squeezed in unison to win the ball back and begin their attacking play. This worked copious amounts of times and lead to Claudio Luzzani having a good 1-on-1 chance against the goalkeeper of which the Junior School keeper pulled off a good save. Being persistent throughout the first and second half, the Prep School boys initiated one of the best attacking plays of the season with Laurie Earnshaw bringing the ball from halfway and manoeuvring around the Junior School defence to slot it past the keeper and provide the Prep School with their first goal! Despite the loss for this week, the boys put in their best performance of the season, showing their determination and resilience when faced with a tough opposition. I would like to commend all of the players for showing up for training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and listening well to the guidance of the coach. Special mention to Laurie Earnshaw who, despite his injury, showed up to the morning training sessions with set pieces and plays that he had created throughout the week in his own time. I wish the boys best of luck for their secondary schooling endeavours. It was a pleasure coaching these boys and forming rapports that will never be forgotten.

Nicholas Azzone | Football Coach

Sports Results

Round 10 | 6th August 2022

Football | Years 5 & 6


Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st XI Trinity Prep Trinity Junior
Score 1 4
Best and Fairest Claudio Luzzani
Encouragement Laurie Earnshaw
2nd XI Trinity Prep Tudor House
Score 0 0
Best and Fairest Yianni Pahos
Encouragement Chris Qiu
3rd XI Trinity Prep Tudor House
Score 0 2
Best and Fairest Jonah Hsieh
Encouragement Austin Su
11A Trinity Prep Trinity Junior
Score 1 6
Best and Fairest Andy Xu
Encouragement August Li
11B Trinity Prep Trinity Junior
Score 1 0
Best and Fairest Adam Ge
Encouragement Gregory Tranxidis
11C Trinity Prep Trinity Junior
Score 0 5
Best and Fairest Daniel Huang
Encouragement Jayden Wu

Football | Years 4


Team Trinity Prep Opponent
10A Trinity Prep Kings
Score 0 16
Best and Fairest Frankie Nachabe
Encouragement Isiah Ayad
10B Trinity Prep Kings
Score 4 0
Best and Fairest Elvis Ye
Encouragement Ashwin Eswaran
10C1 Trinity Prep Tudor House
Score 1 6
Best and Fairest Lucas Hsieh
Encouragement Yiyang Guo
10C2 Trinity Prep Tudor House
Score 8 0
Best and Fairest Yihai Guo
Encouragement Laith Nwiran

Rugby | Years 5 & 6


Team Trinity Opponent
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 1 TGS 4 Knox 2
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 2 TGS 4 Linfield 6
Best and Fairest Emmanuel Velkou
Encouragement Jacob Smith
Score 5 26
Best and Fairest Jackson Wai
Encouragement Zac Sukkar
Year 5 7s Game 1 TGS 3  SIC 8
Year 5 7s Game 2 TGS 2 Kings 6
Encouragement Zachariah Sayed

Rugby | Year 4


Team Trinity Opponent
4A XII TGS Mosman Prep
Score 27 29
Best and Fairest Jacob Malass
Encouragement Lawrence Jiang / Aiden Ta



Team Trinity Opponent
Score 15 72
Best and Fairest Nathan Jones
Encouragement Lachlan Tucker

Intra-School Sport


Team Team 1 Team 2
Game 1 Year 4&5 Pink Year 4&5 Navy
Score 8 11
Best and Fairest Eshaan Qureshi
Encouragement Richard Wang
Game 1 Year 4&5 Navy Year 4&5 Pink
Score 11 8
Best and Fairest Martin Luo
Encouragement Johnny Huang
Game 1 Year 4&5 Green Junior School Yellow
Score 7 4
Best and Fairest Aris Ferizis
Encouragement Daniel Jin
Game 1 Year 4&5 Red Jnr School
Score 8 5
Best and Fairest Jeremiah Lee
Encouragement Ruhaan Sethi
Game 1 Year 5&6 Pink Year 5&6 Navy
Score 9 6
Best and Fairest Richard Connomos
Encouragement Timmy Huynh
Game 1 Year 5&6 Navy Year 5&6 Pink
Score 6 9
Best and Fairest Lucas Lei
Encouragement Jimmy Li
Game 1 Year 5&6 Green Junior School Yellow
Score 8 11
Best and Fairest Sean Kim
Encouragement Oscar Li
Game 1 Year 5&6 Red Jnr School
Score 8 8
Best and Fairest Andrew Gao
Encouragement Nick Cao

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