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Library News | Preparatory School

Premier’s Reading Challenge

So far, we have 181 students who have completed the challenge. This number is less than what we have seen in previous years, but we still have a week to go, so we can bring it up. Students are required to read 30 books in K-2 and 20 books in Year 3-6, we know that Trinity boys read more than this, so can definitely finish. Please head to the website and login with the details inside your son’s Record Book and log any books he has read since August last year. Any problems? Just email Mrs Nel at

Book Week Parade

Next week we are celebrating Book Week and we can’t wait! The theme this year is Dreaming with Eyes Open. On Tuesday we will hold our annual Book Parade where all staff and students dress as their favourite book character. Parents are more than welcome to attend and are encouraged to dress up too! We will meet on the top court at 9:15am for a 9:30am start.

Book Fair

In Week 5, students will visit the book fair during their regular Library borrowing time. They will have a chance to either make a wish list of books they would like to order, or can bring money to buy books. The Book Fair will also be open at the following times for parents to visit and purchase with their son.

Book Week Events

Author Talk

On Wednesday, all students will be treated to an author talk in the gym by RA Spratt. To read more about her, please have a look at her website. Students can also purchase her books online for them to be signed and delivered to the School.

Home Languages Event

Students will be asked to fill in a language profile on Thursday that helps us to better understand which languages they prefer to use in different situations. In the afternoon, all students K-6 will meet in the gym to listen to a story being read in multiple languages.

Darug Language

We are also pushing for students to be more aware of the local Darug language and as a result will learn new words and phrases each day. You can also make use of either this website, or this one to help build local Indigenous language at home.



Every year The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) will shortlist some Australian books under different categories and a winner in each category will be announced during the Friday of Book Week, this year it will be on 19th August. The Prep School Library would like to invite all the boys to join in a guessing competition on the CBCA Shortlisted books. They can come to pick up the entry form from the Library. We encourage the boys who are interested to go to the CBCA website so that they read more on each of the shortlisted books before they make their guess.

Say it in 6


Students are invited to share their hopes and dreams for their future in 6 words (primary) or through a picture (infants). Boys are welcome to complete this in their own time but can also use the Thursday lunch time in Week 6 for some support and guidance with Mrs Bruscino.

Lunch Time Activities

Monday – Scavenger Hunt with Mrs Nel

Tuesday – Native Australian Animal Quiz with Mrs Nel

Wednesday – Library Kahoot with Library Champions and Mrs Bruscino

Thursday – Say it in 6 Competition Support with Mrs Bruscino

Book Review by Rossana Kwok – The Shop at Hoopers Bend

This was a beautifully written story by Emily Rodda. It was about three strangers – an imaginative teenager called Quil (short for Jonquil); a bitter, prickly woman called Bailey and a little black and white dog called Pirate who were unknowingly intertwined with a derelict shop at a town named Hoopers Bend. This story unearthed how they were connected with each other through the Shop. It described how they found peace and comfort with each other’s company and how they felt at home when they stayed at the Shop. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a story about friendship, serendipity and families.

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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