Football News | Week 4

1st XI post CAS Round 10

Football News | Week 4

Last Saturday was the last CAS fixture for the winter season and this was the first time since 2019 that we had completed a 10 round CAS season.

Results for Saturday had Trinity achieve a win/draw result of 61%. Against Waverley College (as the opposition did not match up against every team due to their numbers), the win/draw results were 68% where there were 51 goals scored and 32 conceded. It was pleasing to see the following teams improve on their previous encounter with Waverley:  1st/2nd/8th XI, 9B, 8A/B/C/D/E/F and 7B/E/F/G. Note that all Year 10 games (except Year 10) were washed out in the previous encounter. Congratulations to the 10B/C and 8E teams on going undefeated this season.

Whilst we celebrate the Football service of Year 12 through the Triangle and the 1st/2nd XI Winter Sports Dinner, this is another opportunity to thank every one of our Year 12s for their participation, engagement and competitiveness whilst playing the world game in the green and white. We hope that they continue their involvement in Football, be it playing, officiating, coaching or spectating.

Below we have Opens reports, representative news and the CAS Round 10 team of the week.


CAS Round 10 – 1st XI Vs Waverley College

On Saturday, 6 August, Trinity’s 1st XI travelled to Queens Park, where they participated in the 10th and final round of the CAS competition against Waverley College. Having previously lost to Waverley 4-0, the Trinity team was aware of their opponent’s capabilities and eager to even the scores. To our expense, Waverley was also extremely motivated and managed to score an early goal within the first three minutes of the game. Despite being disheartened, Trinity quickly refocused and continued on. In the remainder of the first half, Trinity was doing well to maintain most of the possession. However, none of our attacking efforts came to fruition, hence ending the half in a 1-0 lead to Waverley.  At halftime, it was more than evident that the morale amongst the Trinity team was at a low, although, with some words of encouragement from the Trinity coaching staff, the team refocused and re-entered the game with a more determined attitude. Going into the second half, Trinity was able to stabilise the game with Joshua Yeon (12Ar) and Jacob Christou (11St) gaining control of the midfield. Spyridon Konidaris (12Sc) and Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar) were also working well to act as attacking threats, dribbling past players and producing a few chances. Despite our best efforts, we quickly learned that the conditions of the rough field were not suited to our technical style of football. This caused some frustration and eventuated into a lapse of concentration, enabling Waverley to score yet another goal late in the second half, ending the game in a 2-0 victory to Waverley. As this was our last game of the season, the result was far from what we desired, yet the team was still gracious in defeat. The team displayed admirable maturity and integrity in their performances, and all players should take pride in their efforts in not only this game, but in all the games we have played throughout the season. For the Year 12 boys leaving Trinity, a big thank you for your commitment to Trinity Football over the past six years. You have all been a blast to play with and have created memories that will last a lifetime. May our friendships continue post-school.

Dominic Ticic (12Sc) | Captain of Football


CAS Round 10 – 2nd XI Vs Waverley College

The 2nd XI Football team had their final game of the season on a gorgeous sunny day ripe for a great game of Football. The game served up a close contest with a few controversial decisions that resulted in a narrow defeat, but the Trinity 2nd XI played with great spirit and never gave up the fight for a result. Trinity started brightly and kept possession well with a few early half chances and goalmouth scrambles that almost resulted in an early goal. Against the run of play Waverley scored with a swift move from right to left and a good cross and finish. Man of the Match, Jacob Christou (11St) scored the equalising goal with a nicely curled finish from the edge of the box midway through the first half. The game was finely poised at 1-1 with both teams playing excellent football.

In the second half the 2nd XI came out strong with Shivam Wadhera (11Ke) making strong runs on the wing and putting the opposition under lots of pressure. With 15 minutes remaining, the controversy began for both teams with a narrow off-side decision for Waverley disallowing a goal. Then, minutes later, a strong challenge in the area by the 2nd XI resulted in a penalty decision. The penalty was scored but the team continued to play for that elusive goal. The 2nd XI continued to pile on the pressure with a few half chances; it was looking likely we might score and with seven minutes remaining the whistle was blown and the game ended. A bizarre ending to the game but a courageous and hard-fought match with the team unlucky not to get a draw. A big congratulations to the 2nd XI and all the players who have represented themselves over the season with grit, determination, teamwork, and a superb team spirit. Good luck to all the Year 12s in their future endeavors, all of whom did Trinity proud this season.

Mr. Dene Ramsden | Coach


CAS Round 10 – 3rd XI Vs Waverley College

The final match of the season was an anticlimax. Waverley is always a challenging team at home but finding a parking spot and playing on an unlevel field adds to the tension. The first goal came from some opposition mistakes and Jonathan Gremos (12Fo) slotted one away with ease to the left of the keeper. Waverley’s counterattack came swiftly, providing challenges for Harry Parsonage (11Ta) and Ben Schutte (11WJ) to deal with. Joshua Marcos (12Fo) was outstanding in defence and played the ball out of our half with ease but a lack of accurate passing which was uncharacteristic of this team meant that attacks broke down. Johnathan Gremos managed to score a second goal but in the final minutes of play Waverley were able to level the score at 2-2.  It was a mixed season which started off well with four wins but ended in three losses and a draw. I would like to thank all the players for their efforts and especially wish Year 12 the best of luck for their examinations. Keep playing the world game beyond school!

Mr. Joe Vaccarella | Coach


CAS Round 10 – 4th XI Vs Waverley College

The 4th XI football team started very strong with plenty of possession across the park. Some very strong build up play by Christian Pulley (11Fo), James Boulougouris (11Sc) and Oliver Dawson (11WJ), where we had some good chances to score but were unsuccessful and were saved by the Waverley Goalkeeper. Around the 45th minute, Waverley were awarded a penalty,  which they missed. Some very good defending by the whole team, including Cooper Hollis (12Sc) in which he pulled off a couple of great saves in goals, and we ended up in a 0-0 Draw. A very good performance by the whole team on their last game of the year.

Mr. Nick Porreca | Coach


CAS Round 10 – 5th XI Vs Waverley College

The 5th XI Football team had some good chances to score throughout the game. They had a tough time handling the strong Waverley team, and were down two goals in the first opening 20 minutes. There was some good passage of play in the attacking third by Aman Shaw (11Ar) and Samuel Payne (11WJ), and Gabriel Simeos Peixeiro (11Sc) was able to score a goal back for Trinity in the 25th minute. The Trinity team tried very hard in defence, with Wilson Russell (12Ar) leading the way, but we had very few answers for the strong Waverley team and we lost 1-5. We gave lots of credit to the whole Trinity team as they tried very hard on their last game of the year.

Mr. Nick Porreca | Coach


CAS Round 10 – 6th XI Vs Waverley College

The 6ths were in good spirits leading into CAS Round 10 against Waverley. Coming off an overwhelming win the previous week, players were keen to finish the season with another win, or to at least give 100% and to leave the pitch with their heads held high – win, lose or draw. We started with 4-2-4 formation, aiming to immediately overwhelm their defence and score an early goal, whilst being prepared for them to do the same. Although neither of these things happened, we did pressure Waverley’s defence for most of the first half, and our midfielders and defenders were increasingly able to push forward and increase this pressure. Despite having numerous shots on goals in the first half, including some which hit the post, only one shot was sufficiently powerful and precise to hit the back of the net. Unfortunately, we also conceded a goal in the first half, due to a momentary defensive lapse. Going into the second half, it was clear the match was ours for the taking, with all team members continuing to play well and keep the pressure on Waverley. Due to our very solid defence and more on-target shots, we conceded no more goals and managed to score three additional goals, with a final score of 4-1. Luke Tang (12WH) and Daniel Prodigalidad (12Ar) both scored a goal, and Aaron Siew (12Ta) scored two. A strong and enjoyable finish to the season. Well done, boys!

Mr. Brett Steinwede | Coach


CAS Round 10 – 8th XI Vs Waverley College

Despite being an eight-man team, and with some borrowed players, the 8ths put on a brave display against a good Sydney Grammar team. Applying some of the principles of defence that have been learned throughout the season, the 8ths showed good cover and support play in the backline to prevent numerous opportunities. Shout out to Archer Guest (12Mu), Mike Lin (11Sc), Zac Gibson (11Sc) and Jon Lenard (11St) for putting in maximum effort during a difficult defensive shift! During counter-attacking play, the 8ths showed even greater courage to send the ball wide to create goal-scoring opportunities and, as a reward, scored two goals from open play via the clinical finishing of Enoch Chan (11Du). Special mention to Sean Hanrahan (11Du), Alexander Ko (11We) and Peter Micholas (11Fo) for being proactive and supportive in the forward play. It was a great effort for the final game of the season: Well done, boys!!

Mr. David Farag | Coach


Representative News

Congratulations to Joshua Falato (7Sc) who has been selected in the NSW Metro Blue U15 team to compete at the National Titles in Coffs Harbour between 19 to 23 September.                                           



You in 2023?   Jonathan Gergis (i) – 8C   Zac Gibson (i) – 8th XI
  Sebastian Musumeci (i) – 7F   Austin Wu (i) – 8F  
    Mackenzie Liversidge (i) – 2nd XI    
Samuel De Alwis (vii) – 7C Maddox Knapstein (vi) – 8C   Joshua Marcos (i) – 3rd XI Spyridon Konidaris (ii) – 1st XI
    Luca Bazdaric (vii) – 10A    


Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’
i. Effort in Attack/Defence and Transitions (Never Gave Up)
ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job
iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.
iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity
v. Sportsmanship
vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback and Implemented
vii.Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’


CAS Round 10 Results

W= Win; D = Draw; L = Loss; R = Wash Out

Team Score Result
1st XI 0 2 L
2nd XI 1 2 L
3rd XI 2 2 D
4th XI 0 0 D
5th XI 1 5 L
6th XI 4 1 W
7th XI I
8th XI 2 7 L
10A 0 1 L
10B 2 1 W
10C 4 0 W
10D 4 0 W
10E 3 0 W
9A 0 1 L
9B I
9C 3 5 L
9D 0 5 L
8A 0 1 L
8B 0 0 D
8C 5 0 W
8D 2 2 D
8E 3 1 W
8F 2 0 W
8G 1 9 L
7A 3 1 W
7B 7 0 W
7C 1 1 D
7D 7 0 W
7E 4 1 W
7F 5 2 W
7G 0 4 L
7H 0 9 L


Luke Gray | Director of Football

1st XI post CAS Round 10
1st XI post CAS Round 10

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