Trinity 2nds defeat Cranbrook 3-1

The first set was disappointing for the seconds, needing their infamous warm-up set to get comfortable against a very loud Cranbrook who delivered some hard serves to the boys that forced them to play into their weakness of serve defence, which caused them to lose the set.

But the first set was behind them, and all the players were ready to bounce back into the game with a vengeance, which was embodied in Xavier Hatcher (11Ke) who dominated the backcourt with his defence. But not to be outdone, Ken Tekai (11La) put down some tremendous spikes through the middle completing the famous middle and libero duo.

The third set should have been the last but the boys were determined to make it the second last. The iconic Year 12 duo Jeremy Chia (12WH) and Lachlan Wolfe (12St) gave everyone in attendance a show and what to expect from the first and last game. Lachlan and Jeremy gave it their all, putting heart behind every hit and block ending the set in our favour.

But we weren’t over yet. And with defeat agonisingly close, Scott Feng (11Yo) and Kyle Tran (11WH) were motivated to ensure no such outcome came to fruition. Both boys again demonstrated their pure skill in setting and serving which handed us the victory.

It was a great game and the seconds are hoping to finish strong against Waverley.

Jonathan Reissis

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