Prep | Year 5 News

Prep | Year 5 News

Coming up in Year 5


Weeks 4-6: How We Organise Ourselves


Week 4-6: Chance and Data


Weeks 4-6

Writing: Informative Texts- Reports

Reading: Informative Texts- Reports and Novel Studies


Unit of Inquiry

Year 5 boys have continued to explore the concept of movement within their How we Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry. This term, students have applied their understanding of the form and function of different forms of movement and dance, to choreograph their own dances. We have been incredibly impressed with the boys’ engagement and enthusiasm in this unit and have enjoyed watching the joy they experienced while expressing themselves through new artforms. Finally, the boys have looked at movement through the lens of perspective, exploring how others experience and express themselves through movement, and considering how movement makes us feel on the inside, supporting our own wellbeing.

Next newsletter we will share with parents a short video of the dance, movement choreographed and performed by the Year 5 boys.


In English, we have enjoyed exploring another form of expression, poetry. In reading, we have been analysing poetic forms and elements, and exploring the meaning. We are beginning to realise that poetry isn’t so much about rhyme but instead, a tool to express emotions and thoughts using carefully chosen words and poetic devices such as simile, metaphor and repetition. Students have applied this knowledge when crafting their own Odes.

In the coming weeks, we will be moving on to reading and writing informative texts, with a particular focus on evaluating sources, questioning, and scanning texts for facts.

Enjoy some of the Odes written by Year 5 boys

Ode to the Ocean:

Ah… The Ocean, The Ocean,
So admirable, so vast.
My admiration has no boundaries.
You calm me down in a thought,
With a tingle of relaxation, Cleansing me of my anger

Your strength is that of Hercules,
Strong I dream to be
So firm, immovable like Uranus’s body.
Immovable, untouched,
Teach me your ways Oh holy god

Past the horizon you stand,
So big, Atlas is small
Much I have to learn ‘bout you
Without you I’d have a hole in life
You are the giant of giants

You’re the library of knowledge,
More experienced than Chaos.
More cunning than Sisyphus yet wiser than the wise.
Please rain down knowledge on me,
Oh I plead you wise king of lords

You allow us to play on your shores,
And let the fishies swim free.
With Hestia’s kindness you do all this.
You’re a figure of kindness,
A role model I shall follow

A chest of gold you are,
Riches beyond belief.
Treasures past those of Midas.
Our money barely compares to yours,
So teach me, how can I?

A bajillion creatures rely on you,
You’re gone then they are too.
As dependable as Prometheus you are,
For you are indispensable.
You’re as indispensable to me as you are to them.

My admiration, my master,
You inspire and you calm.
You’re the inverted Ares,
My admiration has no boundaries,
Ocean, Oh… Ocean.

Poet: Marcus

Ode to The Ocean

O’ the joyous feeling of swimming floods through my bones
My admiration everlasting for Poseidon’s great waves
Relaxes my senses, calms my stress

The vast secrets of the great ocean I wish to uncover
As mysterious as the secrets of Pandora’s box
From great waves, to unknown depths
My love for thee never truly ends

My love not only for Poseidon’s great kingdom
But for the beautiful creatures that you may hold
From large to small, harmless to dangerous

Poet: Owen

Ode to Axolotl

Leuistic mortal before me,
Wriggles deep within the blue lake’s depth.
Poseidon’s pride,
Bones, just tasty morsels.

I’m happy… I feel numb,
No more you, no more me.
You wither and so do I.

Melinoe, return from abyss,
Flowers bloom, animal feed,
Not wither back to green.

Poet: Andy


This term, we have been working with fractions, decimals and percentages and their use in real-life contexts. They inquired into the meaning of decimals and fractions and what they represent in different mathematical problems. Students have used a range of strategies and tools, including a Zoomable Numberline and Fractions Walls to compare, order, and calculate using fractions and decimals. Some students have explored Egyptian Fractions to extend their understanding of the different ways fractions can be expressed as the sum of different unit fractions. In coming weeks, students will transfer their understanding when working with chance, data and budgets.



In Year 5 Music the students are finding their voice again in the Stand Alone Unit Inquiry presented by Musica Viva called Timmy and the Breakfast Band and preparing for the Primary Arts Festival combined performance of Hamilton Highlights in Week 6. Throughout this unit they will be inquiring into the connection between music and emotions, music and movement and folk music using the Musica Viva stimulus material. Through the Concepts of Connection, Change and Perspective, students will continue to develop their analysis and vocal performance skills using the music elements as a reference point in developing their ability to convey connection, meaning and express mood and emotion when performing to an audience.


In the first week, students decided their ways to share the holiday highlights and some ways were making a poster, a game and a comic etc.

Then we started the new Education Perfect units by practising the core and extra vocabularies with the assistance of word lists. The units for beginning learners and heritage learners are Greetings & Introductions and Countries & Nationalities respectively. There are 4 learning modes in word learning and practice and they are reading, (translate Chinese text to English), listening (listen to Chinese and translate to English), writing (translate English text to Chinese) and dictation (listen to Chinese and type Chinese). The 4 learning modes allow student agency and provide differentiation to cater for various needs and learning styles.

Year 5 had a Martial Arts workshop linking to the UOI “How We Express Ourselves/movements”. There were 3 main sections in the workshop: martial arts and tai chi movements, Q & A and The Master’s performance. Boys were exposed to different forms of movements and the related Chinese culture and beliefs.

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