Prep School Sports News

Prep School Sports News

Football First XI:
This week’s match saw a Trinity derby against the Junior School team. As these boys both combined their skills and abilities a couple weeks ago in the North Coast, it was an opportunity for the boys who did not get the opportunity to go to show their raw talent. This game did not disappoint; the boys continued from end to end, fighting for possession through the middle of the field for the majority of the game. The Prep School boys utilised their communication and team-work skills to work together and immobilise the threatening attacks of the Junior School, with Sergio Rodriguez Chavez showcasing his raw shot stopping and tackling ability. The likes of Laurie Earnshaw made his season debut this week, returning from a lengthy injury and wasting no time to make an impact in the attacking front of Prep School, applying pressure to the Junior School defence and capitalising on their forced mistakes. Although the Prep School boys worked very well together and demonstrated their resilience and determination, the Junior School edged to victory, with the Prep School boys leaving the field with a 4-0 loss. Nonetheless, the boys should be very proud of the way they conducted themselves in the face of adversity.

Football Second XI:
This week’s match saw a Trinity derby against the Junior School team. Both teams utilised this opportunity to hold bragging rights over who is the best Trinity team. The game was very even throughout its entirety, with both teams engaging in copious amounts of chances, with the defence scrabbling to block any shots and goalkeepers attempting to maintain a clean sheet. Unfortunately, the Junior School edged two good goals with great ball movement. The Prep School boys, however, flaunted their fortitude in offense and defence, denying any opportunities for JS to attack throughout the end of the first half and the whole of the second half. In doing so, the Prep School boys earned themselves a penalty, in which Nikolas Harrow slotted the ball into the bottom corner, sending the JS goalkeeper the wrong way. As there were new faces in the Second XI this week, one would say the boys may have found it hard to gel together. On the contrary, the boys excelled in their teamwork, ball movement and communication, inviting all players into the team with open arms and working together to achieve a common goal. The match finished with a 2-1 loss to the Prep School. The boys should be heavily commended on their resilience and communication skills this week.

Football 10A’s (Year 4):
This week’s match saw Trinity verse an extremely strong Knox Grammar. The boys immediately began the game with no fear, taking it straight to Knox Grammar regardless of their record. They moved the ball forward throughout the first half, attempting to isolate their defenders and create pockets in which Frankie Nachabe was able to swivel his way through and create dramas in the Knox defence. Trinity’s defence had a great challenge this week, having to fend off the consistent attacking waves on Knox Grammar, forcing them out to the sides and throwing their bodies in the way of all shots made. The second half demonstrated Trinity’s immense resilience, keeping a clean sheet throughout and forcing the ball through the midfield that we controlled. The likes of Valentino Di Maria and Dylan Paskaranathan in the midfield, allowed for Trinity to fend off the strong attacking waves and create waves of our own, testing the Knox goalkeeper’s skills. Although the boys walked away with a loss, they should keep their heads held high. They showed incredible bravery and sheer determination in their gameplay which is something that cannot be taught by any coach to any type of player.

Nicholas Azzone | Co-Curricular Coach [Football]

Saturday Sport Results

Round 9 | 30th July 2022


Football | Years 5 & 6


Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st XI Trinity Prep Trinity JS
Score 0 4
Best and Fairest Sergio Rodriguez Chavez
Encouragement Laurie Earnshaw
2nd XI Trinity Prep Trinity JS
Score 1 2
Best and Fairest Nikolas Harrow
Encouragement Rory Ashcroft
3rd XI Trinity Trinity JS
Score 1 2
Best and Fairest Jonah Hsieh
Encouragement Sebastian Vanges
11A Trinity Prep Cranbrook
Score 0 2
Best and Fairest Damon Hua
Encouragement Ed Earnshaw
11B Trinity Prep Cranbrook
Score 2 0
Best and Fairest Zachary Al-Hassan
Encouragement Adam Ge
11C Trinity Prep Cranbrook
Score 1 0
Best and Fairest Daniel Huang
Encouragement Ethan Lam

Football | Years 4

Team Trinity Prep Opponent
10A Trinity Prep Grammar Edgecliffe
Score 0 9
Best and Fairest Valentino Di Maria
Encouragement Joshua Ouyang
10B Trinity Prep Grammar Edgecliffe
Score 0 7
Best and Fairest Samuel Simon
Encouragement Bruce Zhang
10C Trinity Prep Coogee
Score 0 1
Best and Fairest Joey Zheng
Encouragement Yiyang Guo
10D Trinity Prep KRB
Score 1 2
Best and Fairest Nicholas Kostakis
Encouragement Yihai Guo

Rugby | Years 5 & 6

Team Trinity Opponent
1st XV Trinity Cranbrook
Score 19 19
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 1 Wet Weather
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 2 Wet Weather
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 1 Wet Weather
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 2 Wet Weather
5A XII TGS Tudor House
Score 36 15
Best and Fairest Finley Askew
Encouragement Darren Cai
Year 5 7s Game 1 Wet Weather
Year 5 7s Game 2 Wet Weather

Rugby | Year 4

Team Trinity Opponent
4A XII Trinity St Aloyius
Score 5 25
Best and Fairest Veer Singh
Encouragement Jacob Malas
Year 4 7s Game 1 Wet Weather
Year 4 7s Game 2 Wet Weather


Team Trinity Opponent
AFL Trinity St Augustine’s
Score 36 79
Best and Fairest   Oscar Rudd
Encouragement   Paul Sidarous

Intra-School Sport

Team Team 1 Team 2
Game 1 Year 4&5 Pink Year 4&5 Red
Score 3 3
Best and Fairest Eason Wang
Encouragement Andrew Yam
Game 1 Year 4&5 Navy & Green JS Yellow
Score 5 4
Best and Fairest Alexander Ishak
Encouragement George Wei
Game 1 Year 4&5 Green + Navy Vs 4 + 5 Jrn School
Score 5 4
Best and Fairest Aris Ferizis
Encouragement Alex Vu
Game 1 Year 4&5 Red Year 4&5 Red
Score 4 4
Best and Fairest Dinal Perera
Encouragement Ruhaan Sethi
Game 1 Year 5&6 Pink Year 5&6 Red
Score 5 3
Best and Fairest Richard Conomos
Encouragement Jacob Tran
Game 1 Year 5&6 Navy JS Yellow
Score 4 2
Best and Fairest Aaron Li
Encouragement Lucas Lei
Game 1 Year 5&6 Green Year 5&6 Navy (RED)
Score 6 4
Best and Fairest Arvin Lin
Encouragement Oscar Li
Game 1 Year 5&6 Red Year 5&6 Pink
Score 4 6
Best and Fairest Nick Cao
Encouragement Andrew Gao

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