Prep | Pre-Kindergarten News

Prep | Pre-Kindergarten News

Welcome back

We have enjoyed seeing each Pre-Kindergarten student share some artefacts and information about what happened during the school holidays. Each boy has added various items to his ‘holiday bag’ which has provided an opportunity for boys to present to their classmates as they develop their communication skills. We have enjoyed learning more about one another as we shared these adventures.

Unit of Inquiry

This term we are inquiring into the transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the Planet’. Which is an inquiry into rights and responsibility in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them: access to equal opportunities; peace and resolution.  Our Central Idea is Our Responsibilities Impact Our Environment and we will be inquiring through the conceptual lenses of Change, Connection and Responsibility.

A Special Delivery…

On Monday 25th July, there was a special delivery for Pre-Kindergarten. Farmer Laura dropped off 10 eggs.

Harrison Tabac: “They’re eggs.”

Liam C. “He is in the egg and he is sleeping and after it is going to crack.”

Marcus: “When they hatch, they are going to go in that cage. Because I see the cage is ready for the chicks because there is food and there is bark to make the floor.”

Josiah: “I think there is a baby chicken inside. They are trying to wait inside here.”

Aarav: “They might hatch when everyone is quiet.”

Darwin: “When I was looking at the cage, I saw a breaking egg and I thought maybe there was a chick was squeaking.”

Liam Bremner: “Will they be here tomorrow? The chickens will come out of the egg.”

On Tuesday morning the Deckhouse was abuzz with the exciting discovery that two eggs had hatched overnight…

Ezekiel: “They have hatched.”

Liam C: “It is like the same but it’s a duck.”

Joseph: “They’re chicks because they’re yellow and they are the same.”

Zion: “Ten eggs.”

Aaron: “Now they have eight. The other two hatched into baby ducks.”

Charles: “One more egg is cracked. There a third baby duck will hatch.”

Elijah: “Then it will be seven eggs.”

We have been documenting our observations

Isaac: “They are so funny”

Thomas G: “Ducks, that one is resting, and I don’t know really what it is doing”

Jacob Khanisho: “The duck is sleeping, because they need to rest in the morning and night. At night, four eggs hatched.”

Andreas: “There will be no more eggs to hatch tomorrow.”

Liam C: “There are two in the cage and 4 in the incubator and then it turns to eight.”

Ashton: “One got a crack.”

Aaron: “The first duckling we put in the grow box is bigger now.”


At the end of last term, your son brought home his learning Portfolio to share with his family. We ask that you promptly return this to school so that we can continue to document his learning this term.



In Classroom Music Pre-Kindergarten are participating in a Stand-Alone Unit of Inquiry presented by Musica Viva called Timmy and the Breakfast Band.  Throughout this unit they will be inquiring into the connection between music and emotions, music and movement and folk music using the Musica Viva stimulus material. Last week the group presented a one-hour concert to the students which was a wonderful opportunity for them to see and hear live musicians and an acrobat in action!  Together we will explore the Concepts of Connection, Change and Perspective. Through movement they are developing their ability to demonstrate the Music Elements of Beat, Rhythm, Tempo and Dynamics.

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