House Swimming Championships Years 7 to 12

House Swimming Championships Years 7 to 12

Thursday 11 August 2022
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
8:25am to 2:30pm

Your son will be attending the Years 7 to 12 House Swimming Championships at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on Thursday 11 August 2022.  It is a compulsory school day and all students are expected to attend.  It is essential that you access the parent portal and enter information about your son as requested.

Dress for the day will be House sports uniform (i.e. House T-shirt and white or green shorts). Boys will NOT be allowed to paint their faces or hair as the boys will be representing the School to the public when travelling to and from the pool.

Even though boys will have an opportunity to buy food and drink from the Canteen at the Aquatic Centre it is advisable for boys to take their lunch and a drink. (The café at the northern end of the pool will be out of bounds to all students.)

Buses will leave from the Summer Hill Campus at 8:25am to take students to Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. It is anticipated that the Swimming events will finish at 2:30pm and buses will take students back to School or to Strathfield Station. Parents who wish to, can make independent transport arrangements to get their sons to and/or from the venue. Parents wishing to do so must indicate this on the parent portal. Those students who have independent transport approval must be at the Aquatic Centre and seated in their House areas by 9:00am. All students travelling by bus are to wear a face mask.

Only students that have the School’s written permission to drive cars will be able to drive to or from Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Parking at the venue is 4 hours free parking then parking rates apply. Students are not allowed to take passengers in their cars unless they have the School’s written permission. No student will be dismissed prior to the end of the championships.

Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

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