CAS 16's

Knox Grammar – 23rd July, 2022

CAS Round 3 v Knox.
Rain once again interrupted our round of fixtures with all matches in the 14’s and 15’s cancelled. It was a happy day out for our 13’s age group, securing victories in the ‘A’ & ‘C’ fixtures along with a narrow loss in the ‘B’ game. The results in the 16’s and Opens age groups were far less kind, with Trinity losing all 7 fixtures. This week we return to Summer Hill for the final home game of the season, and for some, their final ever game on Number 1 oval.

This week’s results were:

1st XV 7-50 15B Fixture Cancelled
2nd XV 5-53 14A Fixture Cancelled
3rd XV 5-37 14B Fixture Cancelled
4th XV 10-39 14C Fixture Cancelled
16A 0-38 13A 17-10
16B 14-19 13B 14-25
16C 12-48 13C 12-5
15A Fixture Cancelled

Team of the Week.

Our Team of the Week v Knox is:

  1. Jensen Otto (10He) – 16A
  2. Kayler McDonald (7Ta) – 13C
  3. Rafael Antunes (11He) – 3rd XV
  4. Joel Kelloway (10Du) – 16C
  5. Isaac Chau (7Wh) – 13B
  6. Ari Tashtan (11Ke) – 4th XV
  7. Christopher McAuley (7Wh) – 13A
  8. Sam Niulala (11St) – 1st XV
  9. Hunter Goldsbrough (12Fo) – 2nd XV
  10. Anton Dimento (10Wj) – 16B
  11. Callum Evans (7Fo) – 13B
  12. William Carnemolla (7Ke) – 13C
  13. Callum Charnock (7We) – 13A
  14. Christopher MacDonald (7Wj) – 13A
  15. Aiden Lee (7Ta) – 13A

Leading Point Scorers & Leading Try Scorers.

The resumption of rugby has had little effect on the top of the leader board. Orly Hatton-Ward (11Sc) (50 points) has closed the gap on Jozef Cluff (8Ar) to just 7 points and with Alessio Caridi (7Sc) only 1 point further behind, our leading point scorer title seems to be down to a 3-horse race. With just two remaining fixtures, our leading try-scorer race seems to have boiled down to either Jozef (11 tries) or Alessio (9 tries).

Leading Point Scorers
57 Jozef Cluff (8Ar)
50 Orly Hatton-Ward (11Sc)
49 Alessio Caridi (7Sc)
40 Jayden Rodger (7Ta)
38 Logan Toohey (9Ke)
35 Joel Lim (7Yo)

Hunter Knight (9Wh)

Sam Niulala (11St)

32 Sami Nasr (11Mu)

Angus Mansfield (8Ke)

30 Amosia Soatini (10Ho)
28 Dane Mitchell (11La)

Patrick Thomson (9Sc)

Leading Try Scorers
11   Jozef Cluff (8Ar)
 Alessio Caridi (7Sc)
7   Joel Lim (7Yo)

7   Hunter Knight (9We)

7   Sam Niulala (11St)

6   Logan Toohey (9Ke)

6   Sami Nasr (11Mu)

 Angus Mansfield (8Ke)

6   Amosia Soatini (10Ho)

5   Christos Caridi (8Sc)

5   Will Jenkins (8Hi)

5   Xavier Toomalatai (8Ho)

5   Oliver Varone (7He)

Representative Selections:

While the Trinity teams enjoyed a break over the school holidays, several of our young men were still out on the paddock, plying their wears across several representative teams and fixtures.

Orly Hatton-Ward (11Sc) was selected in the NSW Schools 1st XV, were he scored a great individual try in the final of the Australian Schools Championships. His team would go on to be undefeated tournament champions. A truly impressive effort from Orly and his teammates.

Daniel Christodoulou (11Mu), Max Meagher (10Hi), Sam Niulala (11St), Amosia Soatini (10Ho), Dane Mitchell (11La) & Malik Amine (11Yo) were a part of the successful CAS Under 16’s team that won the NSW Schools Under 16’s Championships.

Max Meagher (10Hi) was selected in the NSW Schools Under 16 1st XV side, were he played in the NSW Waratahs invitational tournament.

Daniel Christodoulou (11Mu) & Sam Niulala (11St) were selected in the Sydney Under 16’s side that competed in the same tournament. It was Max however, who came away with bragging rights as NSW Schools 1st XV defeated Sydney. We now eagerly await the naming of the NSW Waratahs Under 16 side that will be picked from that tournament.

Akira Chapman (10Du) was selected in the Sydney Under 15’s representative side.

Congratulations to our young men on their achievements.

Mick Snowden – Director of Rugby

1st XV Match Report

The 1st XV made their way through a tumultuous week, missing some key personnel and the shortened training week seemed like it could throw a spanner in the works. The message from coaching staff was clear, there were no excuses.

Some early pressure and crisp execution from Knox would see them skip out to an early 14-0 lead. There was no question about the effort from the men in green and white, however some basic errors and ruthless execution from our opposition would see the score balloon further to 21-0. Finally, our attack began to click and we fought our way back into the game, unfortunately continued errors curtailed our ability to score points.

Eventually some smart play from Orly Hatton-Ward (11Sc) and Dom Feros (12Wj) would see a long-range line break converted into points as Max Meagher (10Hi) crashed over under the posts. Orly has no issue adding the extras and we were back in the game at 21-7. Unfortunately, another error and some poor discipline would see Knox head into the break leading 29-7.

The second-half started much like the first and we found ourselves standing under the posts yet again as Knox scored from a rolling maul, before adding the sideline conversion to extend their lead to 36-7. The next 20 minutes of play involved some toing and froing, however neither team was able control the flow of the game. Eventually 2 late tries in the final 5 minutes would see the scoreboard balloon to 50-7 and Trinity would head home having been taught a lesson in high level football.

Our attention now turns to our final home game of the year as we look to send our Year 12 players out as winners against Cranbrook.

Final Score: Trinity 7 defeated by Knox 50.

Tries: Max Meagher (1).

Conversions: Orly Hatton-Ward (1).

Mr. Snowden & Mr. Pay (1st XV Coaches)

13A Team

13A Match Report

It was an ominous welcome to Gillespie Oval on Saturday. Fog covered the Pacific Highway. Once on foot, ankle deep mud covered the shoes of spectators and players alike. Rain came down continuously on a playing field that was more brown then green. After the warm-up, the players were covered in more dirt than they usually would have been at full-time. The first half was neck and neck. Knox were able to capitalise on two periods of good field position as they attacked our try line. Some defensive lapses next to the ruck and solid ball play resulted in two tries to our opponents.

The team came together well at half time and both coaches re-emphasised key messages about body height and line integrity, as well as encouraging the team to believe they were capable of winning. The second half started in the best possible way. Trinity secured possession and, with determination, Callum Charnock (7We) chased an accurate kick from Marcus Prideaux (7Wh) to score. Powerful running from Alessio Caridi (7Sc), with aggressive hit ups from Louis Zizakis (7Wh), Finn Byrne (7Mu), and Zac Bachir (7Mu), led to a second try. Trinity’s third try in the second half, scored by Oliver Varone (7He), was truly a team effort. Christopher McAuley (7Wh) was ceaseless in his support in the ruck, David Miller (7Ho) and James Merry (7Ho) latched onto runners driving their legs to make extra meters, and Makoto Chapman (7Du) was ever present in directing the team by speech and example. Out the back, Aiden Lee (7Ta) had the safest hands in Ku-ring-gai, Hugh Labas (7He) tackled any Knox opponent, and Christopher McDonald (7Ta) and Tim Stanton-Clark (7Wh) showed their athleticism in being the ball back up to the line. Congratulations on a very memorable win at Knox!

Final Score: Trinity 17 defeated Knox 10.

Tries: Alessio Caridi (1), Callum Charnock (1) & Oliver Varone (1).

Conversions: Marcus Prideaux (1)

Mr. Miller & Mr. Allen (13A Coaches)


13B Match Report

The 13B’s headed up to Knox on a wet and muddy day and met with a determined Knox team. Unfortunately, the weather affected our accuracy in the first half, with dropped balls and missed passes, but the team did not give up. There were many excellent tackles by Will Sheldrick (7We) and Callum Evans (7Fo). As usual, the 13B’s dominated the second half, with two tries scored by David Fisterman (7Wh) and Tim Stanton-Clark (7Wh), and Jayden Rodger (7Ta) kicking two from two. The highlight of the day was probably the mud, with both teams looking identical by the end of the match! A team slide across the cricket pitch made the boys happy (though the clothes washers may not have been).

Final Score: Trinity 14 defeated by Knox 25.

Tries: David Fisterman (1) & Tim Stanton-Clark (1).

Conversions: Jayden Rodger (2).

Ms. Dunbar (13B Coach)


13C Match Report

The mighty 13Cs arrived at the Knox Grammar swimming fields early on Saturday morning after a hike up the Pacific Highway, keen for a game of rugby, after a long stretch without much game time. Being reduced to 12 men with injuries and absences, Knox were good enough to match numbers with us. In error-prone conditions, the men embraced the mud bath, securing possession of the ball with minimal errors as we had been training for. After a tense 10 minutes without any score, Trinity’s backline impressed with some quick and safe ball movement setting up ‘are there six-tackles’ debutant Taj Magableh (7Ta) with a clear, unopposed view of the try line but half a field in front of him. Unfortunately for Taj and the boys, the muddy conditions saw the Daniel Tupou-esqe winger slipping over, short of the line. Trinity battling hard in the first half, reaching halftime with the score at nil-all.

Trinity knew they were on top. They were making their tackles. They were holding the ball. They were forcing opposition errors. But they also knew they needed points to win. Unfortunately, our military-like defence eventually broken with a line break by Knox, the score at 5-0. The boys never gave up hope. They knew they could do it. Trinity’s expert centre combination of William Carnemolla (7Ke) and Marc Licenblat (7Du), running down from Newcastle toward the Knox defence. Through an excellent offload, Will setting up Marc with a try on the right-hand side of the field. 5-5. The stage was set for Charles ‘clutch’ Heanley (7Mu), to convert to give Trinity the lead. In sure Tane Edmed style, Charles converting from near the right touchline to give Trinity the lead 5-7. The boys were pumped. But they weren’t done.

Although the backs stared for the first try, the forwards hard yards and crucial runs up the middle of field were tiring out a battered Knox defensive line. Maurice Marroun (7Fo) picking the ball up from the ruck, on our side of halfway, and running circles around and through the opposition, in true Tedesco like tackle busting fashion, scoring another try just before the siren. The end score 5-12. And pure elation in what would prove to be a test for the washing machines and pressure cleaners back home. The Trinity men are excited and keen to impress in the last two rounds of the CAS competition.

Final Score: Trinity 12 defeated Knox 5.

Tries: Maurice Marroun (1) & Marc Licenblat (1)

Conversions: Charles Heanley (1).

Mr. Gupta (13C Coach)

Before and After

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