Prep Teaching and Learning News

Prep Teaching and Learning News

As part of our focus on growing all learners, our teachers have committed to a process of continuous reporting each term. This process seeks to provide students with meaningful feedback including actionable next steps. The feedback is uploaded to SeeSaw in K-2 and Canvas in 3-6. Over the course of a semester you will receive feedback from all specialist areas. Whilst each term you will receive feedback from your Son’s class teacher on one aspect of Maths, Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening and Unit of Inquiry.

An aspect of empowering the boys to understand themselves as learners includes encouraging conversations with parents and guardians about growth. We encourage you to discuss this feedback with your son. Some prompts that may help this conversation are:

● Tell us about this task?
● Let’s read this feedback together, what does it tell you about your learning?
● What are you most proud of? Why?
● What do you need to keep working on? How do you know?
● Do you have any questions you wish to ask your teacher?

Please find attached the link to the Term 3 assessment overview.

Jessica Ford | Head of Academic Care

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