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Library News | Preparatory School

Premier’s Reading Challenge
The Premier’s Reading Challenge closes on Friday 19 August 2022, now is the time to add books you have read to your student reading record to help you complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge! Click on this link: PRC student site.

If you participated in the challenge in previous years at Trinity, the login details remain the same. If you require assistance with your PRC login and password or have any queries regarding the PRC please click on the link for the Challenge rules PRC Rules or please contact Mrs Bruscino at

For further information please see our Canvas Prep Library Page Prep Library Canvas page.

Library and Information Week.

Thank you to the boys who have created a genre bookmark and entered the Renew competition. We have received several wonderful and creative bookmarks and the genre Fantasy seems to be a favourite! We look forward to receiving more exciting and creative bookmarks over the next week.
Entries close on Friday 5th August, show us how creative you can be, and your bookmark could win a prize!

The Prep Library will be holding a Book Fair during Book Week from Monday 15th August to Friday 19th August. This year’s Book Fair Theme is Dreaming with eyes open! Students will have the opportunity to purchase books at the Fair. Look out for more information over the coming weeks!

Overdue Books
If your son had books that were due back last term and these were not returned by the end of the term, these books have been marked as lost on our catalogue and you will notice a replacement charge for these books on your school account. Please continue to search for these books and, as always, if they turn up and are returned to the Prep Library, we will arrange for a credit to be made to your account to cancel these charges.

Book Review by Mrs Sriyani

Map into the World by Kao Kalia Yang

Kao Kalia Yang’s picture book tells the heartfelt story of a young Hmong girl seeking beauty and connection in a busy world.

As the seasons change, so too does a young girl’s world. She moves into a new home with her family and encounters both birth and death. As this curious girl explores life inside her house and beyond, she collects bits of the world. But who are her treasures for?

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