The last week of Term 2 was filled with activity for our Cadet Unit. Our Ceremonial Parade, attended by more than 1500 spectators, was a grand occasion, showcasing our Unit at its best. The Reviewing Officer, Commodore David Mann CSC RAN, was very impressed with the Parade and enjoyed the afternoon he spent with our Cadets and their Parents.

Following the Parade, that evening we farewelled our Year 12 Cadets at our Annual Dining In Night, attended by our Senior Cadets, their Parents, Special Guests and Cadet Staff. This evening stands as a formal farewell for our Year 12 Cadets who have remained committed to the Unit and stands as acknowledgement of their dedication and enjoyment of this valued co-curricular activity.

On the last day of Term, we departed on our Promotions Camp for 2022. This four-day camp at the Field Studies Centre in Woollamia was attended by 150 cadets and staff and was conducted entirely without rain! Announcements of promotions and postings for our next training year, commencing next term, will be made in the second half of Term 3.

Apart from Cadets who may be asked to participate in Community Memorial Events or in additional promotions assessments, our Unit stands down in Term 3 (ie there are no weekly Cadet Parades).

We have now come to the end of our fourth year of this activity in partnership with Meriden School. Our Cadet Unit is stronger and more robust with the participation of both Schools in this activity. Each School commits significant resources to the Unit, the greatest being the time of staff to plan, deliver and support our activities. I am personally grateful to the Heads of both our Schools for their unwavering commitment to our Cadet Unit.

Looking forward to our next Cadet Training Year commencing in Term 4, and hoping for dry weather when we head out on our field exercises!

LT(AAC) Susan Draysey | Officer Commanding – TGSACU

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