Advance Notice for Compulsory Home Games 2022

Advance Notice for Compulsory Home Games 2022

Compulsory Home Game Attendance for students
in Years 8, 9, 10 and Year 12 School Officers to attend the
Trinity v Cranbrook
First VI Volleyball game starting at 9:45am,
First XI Football game starting at 10:00am,
or the First XV Rugby game starting at 3:00pm
on Saturday 30th July 2022

Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 will be required to attend either the First XV Rugby, First XI Football or First VI Volleyball. Students will be informed in the week prior as to which home game they are expected to attend. This will be dependant upon the students own sporting fixture.

Year 12 School Officers are to attend EITHER the First XI Football game OR the First XV Rugby game. Rolls will be marked at each game. Boys MUST wear their full winter uniform.

If it is raining on the day please check notifications via the Trinity App.

Parent/Visitors seating arrangements: During the 1st XI football game parents and visitors are encouraged to bring their own seating and sit on the Eastern side of the No. 2 oval. During the 1st XV Rugby game parents and visitors are expected to sit on the Western side of the No. 1 oval grandstand. There will be NO access to the Eastern side of the field. This area is reserved for teams warming up.

At the conclusion of the games parents are encouraged to meet their son in the School car park, entry via Victoria St.

Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

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