Academic Focus: Learning Progress Conversations – Feedback

Academic Focus: Learning Progress Conversations – Feedback

This week was a great week for learning! The return to school after more than three weeks’ break, coinciding with the fresh start of a new semester, provided opportunity for every member of the Trinity learning community to deliberately step up and step into the next phase of our academic year.

While students returned to classes on Wednesday, Tuesday saw the trial of a new way to schedule learning progress conversations for students in Years 8 to 10. The whole day and evening were set aside for parents, students and teachers of these cohorts to meet in follow up to the Semester 1 Reports. Scheduling this way enabled students who needed those conversations to have them before they actually stepped into the next round of learning challenges – to be supported to set new goals and to think deliberately about the required steps for deeper learning engagement.

The School always seeks to work in partnership with parents, and part of that partnership is in seeking feedback, where we can, on new initiatives. If you participated in this week’s learning progress conversations and would like to provide feedback, please do so by accessing this link to a short survey. While we are interested in difficulties or concerns, if your experience was positive and you would like to be able to continue this kind of start to the new semester, that feedback is important to provide! Overall parent perspectives will inform planning for these conversations in 2023.

Supporting conversations for three cohorts on a single day further enables us to bring them forward for our last remaining cohort, Year 7. Families of our Year 7 students will have their conversations on the evening of Monday 1 August – Week 3. Detailed information about the way we manage these conversations via MS Teams, downloading the MS Teams app onto your son’s device and access to the online booking platform will be emailed to Year 7 parents on Tuesday morning next week. The booking platform will be open from Tuesday 26 July to Sunday 31 July.

While learning progress conversation events are a good strategy the school uses to provide additional support to students and families, the invitation to speak about your son’s learning is always open. You are warmly invited to contact the Curriculum or Pastoral Offices, a Head of Faculty, your son’s teacher or Housemaster, or myself, to begin a conversation about learning and learning progress.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

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