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STEAM News | Preparatory School

Taking on new challenges in STEAM during Term 2, selected boys from Years 5 and 6 participated in two competitions new to Trinity Prep School.


Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition:

The CAT competition is a problem solving based competition that is designed to encourage student curiosity and promote multiple modes of thinking. This competition helps identify students’ computer programming potential and looks at real-world problems.

We congratulate all 28 boys that participated in the CAT competition this year, particularly the boys that received outstanding results:


Year 5:


  • Richard W
  • Aarav S


  • Joshua G
  • Josh C
  • Kerry C
  • Jayshan S
  • Owen C
  • Rui L


Year 6:


  • Riley T
  • Ethan K
  • Julian W
  • Kevin W
  • Chenyu L
  • Adam J
  • Harris Y
  • Mattias D
  • Lucas K
  • Tank Y
  • Jude K
  • Isaac L
  • Lucas M


The Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC):

The OUCC competition aims to develop students’ ability to solve computational thinking problems through Blockly based programming language.

This year we had 6 boys from Years 5 and 6 compete in the OUCC competition. The questions were exceptionally challenging, especially seeing as these boys have never used Blockly based code before. We are proud of all the boys that completed the OUCC this year, especially Marcus D in Year 5 receiving a Merit, scoring in the top 50% of all participants.


Jessica Newton | STEAM Teacher

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