Sports News | Preparatory School

Sports News | Preparatory School

Term 2 has seen the boys in Years 4-6 participate in the Winter Sport season. At the beginning of the season, unprecedented wet weather had a harsh impact on our teams as it limited their ability to train but also resulted in the cancelation of many fixtures. The back end of the term has seen our teams start to play better and with stronger cohesion which has been pleasing. Whilst sometimes the results are not always on our side, the performance is always more important than the result and what is even more important is the fact that our boys are showing continual improvement. Term 3 will see the Winter season conclude with the remaining three rounds before we move into a period of no Saturday sport for most boys, with some boys invited to participate in the Track and Field Invitational season.

Year 3 boys have spent Term 2 participating in the Year 3 Basketball Skills programme. After speaking with the teachers and coaches, it was unanimous that the boys have developed a strong sense of game, meaning that they now understand how the game is played and know how to make game decisions.

In Week 2 of Term 2 we will be hosting our Year 3-6 House Track and Field Championships. This will be the first occasion that the Preparatory School will host their own carnival without the Junior School. It will be an opportunity for us to include some more events where both staff and students can get involved.

Over the course of this Semester all boys PreK-6 would have received either a portfolio item, Seesaw entry or a CANVAS rubric relating to their FAST skills. Considering all that the students have been through in the past 2 years with COVID, the PE team have been quite impressed with the level of ability across the School. The biggest concern we are yet to tackle is the lower levels of fitness generally seen. I encourage all parents to engage in physical activity with their sons. This may include a jog around the block, riding of bikes, swimming laps or even engaging in core exercises at home.

Finally, it has been great to see so many boys register for the Term 3 School fundraiser ‘Jump Rope for Heart’. This initiative was set by Year 6 when they were Year 5 boys during the remote learning phase of Term 3 2021. At the time of writing this article, the boys have managed to raise $11,385 and skip for 152 hours. Our target is $15,000 and 1000 hours of skipping. I am confident that we will achieve our goal by the Jump Off day on the 19th of August.

James Bremner | Sportsmaster


Intra-Sport | Football

5/6 Green – We had so much fun playing soccer this week! It was a much better effort from the team because we were cheering and supporting our mates. We had a good defence, and we were passing the ball to everyone. Shout out to Julian for scoring a few incredible goals. Next week, we will continue to focus on giving positive praise to others and encouraging everyone to have a go.

4/5 Green – We tried our best this week and were moving up and down the field better. Lots of running and a few goals were made. Next week we will work on calling for the ball.

Nicholas Kartsiotis | Intra-Sport Coach


Saturday Sport Results | Round 7

Football | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st XI Trinity Edgecliff
Score 0 3
Best and Fairest Kaden Pandher
Encouragement Adriano Furfaro
2nd XI Trinity Edgecliff
Score 0 4
Best and Fairest Kevin Wang
Encouragement Christopher Ong
3rd XI Trinity Edgecliff
Score 0 0
Best and Fairest Mattias Doherty
Encouragement Sebastian Vanges
11A Trinity Prep Mosman Prep
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest August Li
Encouragement Rishan Singh
11B  Trinity Prep KRB
Score  0 1
Best and Fairest  Charlie Deeb
Encouragement Gregory Tranxidis
11C Trinity Prep Mosman Prep
Score 1 0
Best and Fairest Jayden Wu
Encouragement Ethan Ly
Football | Years 4
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
10A Trinity Prep Knox
Score 0 11
Best and Fairest Frankie Nachabe
Encouragement Orlando Ferla
10B Trinity Prep Knox
Score 1 7
Best and Fairest Daniel Liu
Encouragement Jonathan Cassar
10C1 Trinity Prep Knox
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest Bruce Zhang
Encouragement Sergio Foo
10C2 Trinity Prep Knox
Score 3 7
Best and Fairest Laith Nwiran
Encouragement Yihai Guo
Rugby | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Opponent
1st XV TGS Waverley
Score 24 22
Best and Fairest Max Edwards
Encouragement Owen Hoang
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 1 TGS 1 Gram 10
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 2 TGS 6 Mosman 4
Best and Fairest Ethan Hoang
Encouragement Jack Brown
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 1 0 8
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 2 2 3
Best and Fairest Elijah Harding
Encouragement James Elghitany
Score 0 45
Best and Fairest Kyden Salim
Encouragement Finley Askew
Year 5 7s Game 1 TGS 6 KINGS 3
Year 5 7s Game 2 TGS 4 SCOTS 9
Best and Fairest Zac Sayed
Encouragement Lucas Nasr
Rugby | Year 4
Team Trinity Opponent
4A XII 5 44
Best and Fairest Jacob Malas
Encouragement Alexander Simon
Year 4 7s Game 1 CANCELLED
Year 4 7s Game 2 CANCELLED
Team Trinity Opponent
AFL TGS Riverview
Score 25 57
Best and Fairest Lachlan Tucker
Encouragement Lucas Truong
Intra-School Sport
Team Team 1 Team 2
Game 1 Year 4&5 Pink Year 4&5 Red
Score 2 1
Best and Fairest Andrew Yam
Encouragement Richard Wang
Game 1 Year 4&5 Navy Year 4&5 Green
Score 1 5
Best and Fairest Issa Sleiman
Encouragement Martin Luo
Game 1 Year 4&5 Green Year 4&5 Navy
Score 5 1
Best and Fairest Alex Kwon
Encouragement Daniel Jin
Game 1 Year 4&5 Red Year 4 & 5 Pink
Score 1 2
Best and Fairest Navaneethan Rajaswara
Encouragement Ruhaan Sethi
Game 1 Year 5&6 Pink Year 5&6 Red
Score 0
Best and Fairest Richard Conomos
Game 1 Year 5&6 Navy Year 5&6 Green
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest Oliver Cardiff
Encouragement Sethum Udugama
Game 1 Year 5&6 Green Year 5&6 Navy
Score 3 1
Best and Fairest Julian Wallace & Aydin Hossain
Encouragement Oscar Li
Game 1 Year 5&6 Red Year 5 & 6 Pink
Score 2 0
Best and Fairest Andrew Gao
Encouragement Ethan Ho


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