Collaborative inquiry in focus

Collaborative inquiry in focus

Trinity’s Professional Learning Teams are the primary means of supporting staff in their learning and exploration of practice and, at the heart of these teams is collaborative inquiry. 

The beginning of 2022 saw an update to Trinity’s Professional Learning Teams to organise them under three strands, acknowledging the ways in which staff engage in collaborative work throughout the School.

The strands are:

  • Personal practice, exploring puzzles of practice in individual classroom contexts
  • Collective practice, exploring practice in order to innovate on behalf of the School
  • Leading practice, building leadership capabilities in order to shape practice across the School 

Under this third strand we offer a ‘hybrid’ PLT, where staff come together in order to engage in Simon Breakspear’s Agile School Leadership course. By appropriating the regular meeting time in order to complete the extended workshops offered by Simon, staff have been able to engage in collaborative interrogation of leadership skills and the strategies by which they can identify the core challenges, sharpen their own thinking, and engage their own teams in collaborative action that is agile, responsive, and practical amidst the complexity of teaching and learning.

The opportunity to bring together leaders across the academic, pastoral, and co-curricular domains and to invest in our own leadership training and capacity has bought a clarity and precision to our ability to support our teams in their practice as we make informed decisions and take actions in support of our students and their learning in its broadest sense.

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